What are the characteristics of over exposure and under exposure?

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In Nikon
OVER EXPOSURE - too bright, the image would result to being whiter than normal.
UNDER EXPOSURE - too dark, the image would likely to appear black
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Compare and contrast transaction exposure and economic exposure?

transaction exposure relates to the risk of exchange rate movements relating to current investments. In other words investments which are already contracted for. Economic exposure relates to the risk associated with exchange rate movements which may affect future cash flows.

What is Mechanical exposure?


What is the difference between Transaction Exposure and Economic Exposure?

Both exposures deal with changes in expected cash flows. Transaction exposure deals with changes in near-term cash flows that have already been contracted for (such as foreign currency accounts receivable, accounts payable, and other debts). Operating exposure deals with changes in long-term cash fl (MORE)

Why did Radiation over exposure kill Marie curie?

Madame Curie made two trips to America to receive a gram of radium each time, first from President Warren Harding and eight years later from President Herbert Hoover. In 1923 the French government gave her a pension of 40,000 francs a year in recognition of her lifetime of work in France. She (MORE)

What is equity exposures?

Equity exposures refer to measurements used for investmentportfolios. These explain the investment amounts in a portfolioused for different items like stocks and equity compared to a fixedincome.

What is liability exposure?

Liability exposure is when a company or a person is open to beingsued. Typically, they are negligent and cause harm, which makes theexposed to a lawsuit.

What is exposure assessment?

This is the process of estimating or measuring the magnitude, frequency and duration of exposure to an agent, as well as the number and characteristics of the population exposed. It describes sources, pathways, routes and uncertainties.

How do you avoid Radon Exposure?

Insure all low places that have little or no air movement in your home and work environs are adequately ventilated. It's that simple.. Basements and crawl spaces without ventilation are hazards in areas of the country where "high" levels of radium are present in rocks, soils and water. Maps are ava (MORE)

What are Symptoms of mold exposure?

Some symptoms of mold exposure are nose congestion, breathingdifficulties, eye irritation, and sneezing. Exposure to largeamounts of mold can cause more severe symptoms. Mold are fungi thatgrow in warm and humid places and spread through spores.

How much exposure to radon is harmful?

This question is like asking how much smoking is harmful. There is no exact answer . Damage begins immediately. More exposure equals more damage. And this is exactly the problem with radon. It doesn't kill directly like, say, poison from a venomous reptile.. The radioactive inert gas has a short h (MORE)

What does exposure mean?

Exposure means uncovered, so that now you see something you didn'tsee before. When a journalist exposes the truth, that meanssomething is revealed that no one knew before.

What is auto exposure?

Well.. Exposure is how long the camera takes to take a picture. A long exposure time gets a better and higher quality image when the camera is still. A short exposure is when the camera may move or something in the picture may move. So to keep it from blurring the camera captures an image for a fra (MORE)

What are the effects on the human body under prolonged exposure to high pressure?

in theory, the body exposed to the pressure, given the components of the air adjusted for the pressure, would function normally. lemme start from square 1. . the air we breathe now is used at the same component ratio, but pressurized, for people under pressure. the problem is pressurizing the perso (MORE)

Do plants grow better with an eastern exposure or a western exposure?

It can depend on the type of plant. Not all plants like direct exposure to the sun for too long in the day. I have tried south, west, and east. and the plants seem more healthy on the south facing window sill. Answer. Outdoor plants usually grow better with a Western exposure as there is more dire (MORE)

What is MCU exposure?

MCUs are a type of polyurethane that is used to coat wood floors in homes. They make a very durable and scratch resistant finish and are often used on gymnasium and bowling alley floors. Exposure to MCU chemicals can lead to health effects depending on the level and duration of exposure. Brief expos (MORE)

What effects do you get from exposure to BPA?

From EWG's, Environmental Working Group, website, they found that "in laboratory tests, trace BPA exposure has been shown to disrupt the endocrine system and trigger a wide variety of disorders, including chromosomal and reproductive system abnormalities, impaired brain and neurological functions, c (MORE)

What is imaginal exposure?

It is a technique usually used to aide in exposure therapy for PTSD. In imaginal exposure the client is told to imagine what images or situations that are causing him fear. This can help someone confront his feared thoughts/memories more directly. It is also useful when a person cannot go back and c (MORE)

What is a safe level of radiation exposure?

There is NO SAFE LEVEL radiation exposure, I am going through this with my son right now. After a bout with Cancer when he was 8 years old, and all the chemo and radiation therapy he was given the cancer free status at 11 years old. We have kept a watchful eye on his health for the last 24 years (MORE)

Definition of multiple exposure in photography?

A "multiple exposure" means that two or more exposures are made on the same frame of film. There are various reasons why multiple exposures are taken. Generally, people will reduce each exposure by half to arrive at a single exposure's exposure value. Others lay down 1/3 + 1/3, believing that the pr (MORE)

What rhymes with exposure?

closure , crozier , losure , mosher , mosier composure , disclosure , enclosure , foreclosure , inclosure overexposure

Why does narcissist fear exposure?

Because when they are exposed they catch a glimpse of their ugly ,evil self that they try to hide and forget also from themselves,not only for their preys.... The illusion is broken.

What is bank loan exposure?

The amount which the bank may lose in case of losses incurred due to risks taken, e.g. in case of a borrower's or counterparty's default.

What is the treatment for cyanide exposure?

use amyl nitrate, sodium nitrate and sodium thiosulfate, each used in order to achieve the stability in the victim. the FDA-approved cynokit is an antidote that contains hydroxocobalamin, an intravenous drug. :) but double check on the computer or some thing!

How long to get flu after exposure?

There is an "incubation period" for most viruses and each virus may differ- but generally it takes 1-7 days or more for a flu virus to increase its load in your bloodstream to the point where you feel sick. There is usually a "curve" whereby the number increases gradually and then at some point ( (MORE)

Why can over exposure to the sun be heath risk?

Personal response- I have worked outdoors for many years as an Engineer. During those years I failed to use sunblock, as we did not really understand the hazards of sun. I now have to see my doctor for treatment of areas of sun damaged skin on my face, neck, ears and head. If these areas are not tre (MORE)

What is the media exposure?

the media alternates between glamorizing being extremely thin and bashing, yet at the same time insulting the larger people. People see these people who are seeing extremely thin women in the magazines (whether in a positive or negative portrayal) and think that that is how they are supposed to look (MORE)

What is Tax exposure?

Tax exposure is the amount of taxes that you can show have alreadybeen paid out against your business financial records. This willdecrease the amount of money you will have to pay in taxes on theprofit you are left showing for the business.

Why is indecent exposure bad?

The idea is that it is bad to attempt to shock or titillate someone else by showing parts of your body. In most places it is not against the law simply to be without clothing. For example, a person who is robbed and whose clothing is torn off would probably not be charged with indecent exposure, bec (MORE)

What is exposure in regard to digital photography?

It's no different to film. Exposure refers to the correct amount of light coming into the camera to achieve an accurate rendition of the image being captured. So if you point the camera at an 18% grey card you expose it for long enough, or short enough, to achieve 18% grey rendition.

What is an exposure fee?

An exposure fee is a fee usually available to someone with risk involved in something they are purcahsing. It can be seen as self insurance in a way if there is any possible way a customer may suffer a loss.

What is the asbestos exposure?

Asbestos exposure is when a person has been around or worked with materials that contact asbestos in it's raw form that can cause serious health issues.

What can radiation exposure do?

It depends on the type of radiation exposure. If the exposure is low level and long term, it can cause cancer and birth defects. If the exposure is higher, it can cause radiation burns, radiation sickness, premature aging, and death.

Does lupus come from sun exposure over hundreds of years?

No. No one has been alive for hundreds of years. Not all people who have lupus are photosensitive. The cause of lupus is not fully understood, but scientists are able to breed mice who develop lupus and it has nothing to do with the sun. Lupus is not an "evolutionary" disease in that sense.

What is television exposure?

All celebrities and political candidates want to be in thelimelight, and to make sure the public remembers them, they need toget "television exposure." This refers to having a TV station ornetwork do a story about you and give you some positive publicity.(The hope is that it won't just be one story, (MORE)

What are the characteristics of correct exposure over exposure and under exposure?

A "correct" exposure is one that gives you a photo with the tonesand densities your artistic vision calls for. An "overexposed"picture is too light, and an underexposed one is too dark. The problem is, what are you trying to achieve with your picture?Maybe I'm taking a picture of a covered bridge w (MORE)