What are the checklist for home birth or vaginal birth?

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birth certicifate paperwork bulb syringe
gauze trays 2 peri bottles
box of gloves 2 peri cold packs
unbleached newborn hat 3 mesh panties
witch hazel maxi pads
chux pads digital scale
Arnica goldenseal powder
sitz bath herbs (comfrey, yarrow, oat, chamomile)
olive oil (for perineum or meconium) shower curtain liner
inflatable birth tub old towels
cloth diapers tons of washcloths
crock pot heating pad or hot water bottle
rice socks that can be warmed warm socks
bendy straws candles
receiving blankets music and CD player
extra set of sheets trash bags
laundry baskets tripod for cameras
mesh strainer for solid waste in birth tub camera/ video
grapefruit seed extract ice
bowl for placenta cotton makeup remover pads
robe baby outfits ready and organized
birth ball phone #'s list
tea leaves (red raspberry, peppermint, nettle, alfalfa)
Mothers milk tea hydrogen peroxide
rubbing alcohol snack/energy bars
electrolytic drinks emergen-c packets
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Can you have a vaginal birth after having 2 cesareans?

It's possible , but not very likely. Each C-section increases your chances of having another with each suceeding pregnancy . I'm sorry, because I know you feel like youv'e bee

What is a vaginal birth?

A vaginal birth is the normal and most common way of birthing a baby. The mother gives birth to the baby which is travelling head first out of the vagina (easy way of telling)

Can you have a vaginal birth after a c-section?

Yes, there are times when it is possible to have a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC). Women who have a low transverse scar from the previous C-section are eligible for VBAC.

What is vaginal birth?

Well, your vagina is a hole between the lips of your genital betweem your legs on a woman. The women simply contracts the muscles to push the baby through the hole

Can you have a vaginal birth with three c sections?

Yes.. It's called VBAC - vaginal birth after Caesarian. It used to be thought that it was unsafe to do so, but recently the VBAC has become popular and with work and care, an

How much does a vaginal birth cost?

Technically, it's free. The baby just goes right on out of your vagina. That's it. Free. Now if you want to be safe, you should buy some of the stuff that makes the delivery s

Is it normal to have a vaginal odor after birth?

I had my daughter 3 weeks ago and I'll tell you i have a horrible odor coming from down there. I am kind of embarrassed to call the doctors office and say that. I don't know i

Can you have a vaginal birth if you have herpes?

If you have herpes 3 months prior to getting pregnant, you body has developed antibodies and it is less likely that you would pass it to the fetus. If you get infected while p
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How do you home birth?

You hire a homebirth midwife, and if everything stays within the realm of normal you give birth at home. Only low risk women can have homebirths. Studies have shown that the s