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What are the dangers of playing basketball?

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It depends. If you play rough, or too long, you could tear a hamstring, ACL, MCL, labrum, a tendon in your fingers. There are numerous injuries. Don't be discouraged though, I've played for many years and never been injured. Basketball is a lot safer than football. NBA players typically last a while and don't get injured. I highly suggest you play the sport.
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Is basketball a dangerous sport?

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well some times you can get heart is basketball you for example you can fall, some one can trip you off on perpes , some times if some one says pass me the ball and you didn't

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lots i play football and basketball i think there are more risks to basketball broken bones, torn ligaments-muscles concusions cuts bruses, busted lips noses, and more and mor

What is basketball dangerous?

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Brave Athletic Sportsmanship Kind Hearted Energetic Tall (sometimes...........if you want to play...........PLAY) BEEF (Balance, Eyes, Elbow, Follow Through) All about the gam
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Is basketball really a dangerous sport?

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