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What are the dangers of playing basketball?

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It depends. If you play rough, or too long, you could tear a hamstring, ACL, MCL, labrum, a tendon in your fingers. There are numerous injuries. Don't be discouraged though, I've played for many years and never been injured. Basketball is a lot safer than football. NBA players typically last a while and don't get injured. I highly suggest you play the sport.
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Are you too short to play basketball?

No one is ever too short to play basketball. Some of the shortest players were Muggsy Bogues who was 5'3" and played in the NBA for 14 seasons. Spudd Webb was 5'7" and played

How is the basketball played?

By following the rules wears Jerseys and nike sneakers and make sure you know almost everything about baksetball and how its played. Also, be careful when it comes to game tim

Is basketball a dangerous sport?

This all depends on your definition of dangerous. Relative to Rugby or Football basketball seems rather tame but relative to golf or tennis the sport seems brutal. Common ba

Who was Oldest male to play basketball?

  Our local college, Roane State Community College, just had the oldest man to ever play college basketball on November 3, 2008. At 73, Ken Mink played six minutes of the

Can you play basketball in the NBA with a GED?

Considering that the NBA drafts out of the college system, the way you get into college (highs school diploma vs, GED) isn't going to matter much. They are going to evaluate y

Where do they play basketball?

At a court or street court

How do you play the plays in basketball?

It depends. Different teams make up different plays. If you observe basketball, you will see a teammate or two hold up a number. Suppose it's 2. That could mean that they do t

What are the procedures in playing basketball?

Here are the main tactics and goals in basketball: Score points by putting the ball in the hoop, either by a layup, dunk, or shotDo not foul the other players (i.e. grabbing

Did Jesse Owens play basketball?

no but after he retired from the Olympics and running; he played for the Harlem globetrotters; and also raced horses and cars to make money.
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What are fundamental skill in playing basketball?

 DRIBBLING   Dribbling is an important skill for all basketball players. This  skill will allow you to move up and down the court, maneuver past  defenders and execute