What are the different types of number systems available in scientific calculator?

tan cot sec cosec sin cos cot
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Is scientific calculator is an embedded system?

  Yes, the scientific calculator is an example of an embedded system. In fact, an electronic calculator was one of the first applications of an embedded microcontroller. I (MORE)

What are different operating systems available on the market?

there are basically 6 OS windows Linux dos mactonish apple symbian that i know even though there lots of version availableVMS Ms Dos Ms- windows series unix Linux (MORE)

Are there different types of software available?

Computer software is a collection of programs which is placed in consumers computers. These consist of; programs include; data, writing tools, font functions, photo suites, ad (MORE)

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Computer Number Systems

If you are going to start coding in Visual Basic, or any other computer language, you will need to know the basics. One of the most basic things to understand is how a compute (MORE)
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What is the difference between a calculator and a scientific calculator?

  a calculator adds, subtracts, multiplies and divides numbers and numbers with decimals. it stores single numbers to memory, solves percentages, and square roots.   a (MORE)

Why does the 'ATAN' function in Excel differ greatly from that of a scientific calculator?

It is because the angles in Excel are measured in radians, not degrees. Often the default setting for measuring angles - even on scientific calculators - is the elementary mat (MORE)

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