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What are the disadvantages of manual database?

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Meaning of manual database?

Manual database is a hard-file storage system that contains  folders, paper records, storage boxes and filling cabinets. Manual  database is also called as a document manage

What are disadvantages of database systems?

Database systems are complex, difficult, and time-consuming to designSubstantial hardware and software start-up costsDamage to database affects virtually all applications prog

Advantages and disadvantages of database security?

Database security involves the methods of security for databases.  The main advantage of this include protecting the system from  outside threats. Disadvantages include poss

What are the examples of manual database?

an example of a manual database is a dictionary or thesaurus.

Two disadvantages of a computerised database?

the first one they can sometimes not save your work and second they breake down

What are the Disadvantages to ORACLE database software?

I have used Oracle software for over 12 years, I actually love the database software. Two disadvantages if I had to give two would be: 1. Price, the single most expensive