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What are the disadvantages of manual database?

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Re-organizing and sorting the data plus adding data fields.
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What are the disadvantages of network database model?

The network database model implements application logic in the data structure that limits the flexibility. In the network model, there is always the "first" in the table, and (MORE)

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Disadvantages of manual database system?

1. It is time consuming to write down all the information. 2. The data is stored in registers which are stored in filing cabinets which take up a lot of space. 3. The same d (MORE)

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Database Processing?

Advantages of Database 1.Getting more information from the same amount of data. 2.Share data. 3.Balancing confliction requirements. 4.Controlling redundancy. 5.Facil (MORE)

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Advantages and disadvantages of manual database?

ADVANTAGES OF MANUAL DATABASE   -It is cheaper   -It dosen't consume alot of electricity   -You can be exercised   -It can't be deleted easily    DISADV (MORE)

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of using database?

Advantages     It means all of the information is together.     The information can be portable if on a laptop.     The information is easy to access at a (MORE)

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Meaning of manual database?

Manual database is a hard-file storage system that contains  folders, paper records, storage boxes and filling cabinets. Manual  database is also called as a document manage (MORE)