What are the disadvantages of using drugs during sports?

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One disadvantage of using drugs during a sport is that you won't be able to breath right while you are playing. another disadvantage is that you will get tired quickly while you are playing. it will affect the aerobic respiration and can cause serious damge to the brain. espaecially if used to often and worked
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What are safe hypertension drugs to use during pregnancy?

Ask your doctor, my doctor prescribed methyldopa for my high blood pressure, but I am breastfeeding, not pregnant. If you have high blood pressure, your doctor will know whats best for you and your baby. If you are pregnant and have pre-existing hypertension, it is important for it to be well co (MORE)

What were the disadvantages of the North during the US Civil War?

The main disadvantages of the North were that they had to eitherdefeat so many Confederate armies that the South would have tosurrender. The problem was that Northern generals had to fight aoffensive war to do this. And, they had to fight mostly in enemyterritory, always a risk. Since the South only (MORE)

Disadvantages of using drugs?

First it will control your brain and you will get used to it. This however is not good, because, it affects your central nervous system and can eventually cause an early death!

What are the disadvantages of sports?

There are very few as they do make you healthy and it is a lot of fun. However, it does take ages to become good, which could make it boring and it can make you very competitive.

Is it a crime to use drugs during pregnancy?

You should be more concerned about what drugs will do to the unborn baby than with what the law can do to you. There are several severe development defects that are directly related to the mother doing drugs during pregnancy.

Dont use drugs during pregnancy?

Yes you are right you should not use them because what ever you eat of inhale goes through the baby, So what will happen is the drugs will go through the bay and it will most likely die

Drugs used in sport?

Actually drugs will have a negative affect on your health...but there are some other stuff that you can use...like :go to any pharmacy and ask for amino acid pills ...or nitrogen oxide pills.

What do drugs do to sports?

Drugs in sports makes sports unfair. Or it causes all players torisk their lives more and more to get an edge. So, if drugs insports are banned, then it is about who trained the most and hasthe best skill, not who has the best "pharmacist" (or drug dealer).

What disadvantage of sports?

a few of the disadvantages of sports is that you get tired and you can get really hurt depending on what sport you play

Which sports have been discovred to have drug use?

Drugs have been used in sports for certain reasons because some people . think they are good for you but there not 2 reasons why they use it, to make them selves strong . and to make them selves quick.

What type of drug is used to hide pain in sport?

Narcotic Analgesics (pain killers)These are used to suppress pain from athletic injuries so that a performer can still compete. Heroin, Morphine and codeine are three examples. Invasive pain can lead to worsening the original injury.

What drugs were used during the war?

In Vietnam, soldiers were using marijuana, opium, and in its most concentrated form heroin.. Us troops came home with a opiate addiction that came from over seas.. I'm sure they were exposed to other drugs halacanagenic and stimulanic as well. But the main addiction they picked up came from the infa (MORE)

What drug was used during Salem which trials?

I think you're referring to the theory that the affliction was caused by the fungus Ergot that does have hallucinginc qualities. The Ergot was ingested accidentally along with wheat or rye, not taken deliberatly.

What Are disadvantages of sports?

First you will feel tired all the time Second you may die from cardiac arrest if you are on football or wwe Third you will lose your girlfriend if you will talk with her about sports all the time And Fourth you will have enemies.

Is the use of drugs in sport increasing?

yes if you have noticed that there have been more perfect games no hitters people run faster play harder and hit harder all this leads to drugs Also, many reality show show that a lot of athletes use some kind of drugs be it steroids or marijuana. Ex. Micheal Phelps

Why do they use drug cheat in sport?

'Why do they use drugs to cheat in sports?' is a question with a simple answer. They take body enhancing drugs (just imagine it like Bruce banner turning into the hulk) then there body does better making them faster or stronger. But they can get banned for months, years or for life. You'll often see (MORE)

Can narcissism only be during drug use?

To answer your question, we must first define narcissism. thefreedictionary.com describes narcissism as excessive admiration for oneself, or a psychological disorder involving lack of empathy, self-preoccupation, and unconscious deficits in self-esteem. Sound like anyone you know? For the first def (MORE)

What disadvantages did the US have during the Vietnam War?

In almost all wars, somebody has to have a disadvantage. It could be anything from knowledge of the terrain to better supply systems to better arms and armor to numerical superiority. Only your imagination cannot limit the possibilities. The only real disadvantage for the US during the Viet War was (MORE)

What were the disadvantages of the Confederates during the US Civil War?

Absence of these major Union advantages: Much bigger population from which to recruit armies. Traditional advantage in artillery, including new rifled cannon Industrial capability - access to all kinds of war-supplies More railroad mileage - whole armies could move by train Big enough (MORE)

What are the disadvantages of the sport performance enhancing drug EPO?

EPO increase the amount of red blood cells unnaturally. This willmake your brain believe that something is always giong to make redblood cells. This means you will reproduce red blood cells a lotslower than usaual if you dont take EPO. You will get unfit rellyquickly if you take EPO and then not tak (MORE)

What sports did they play in the US during the 1800s?

Baseball was starting up in the Colonies, with cricket, foxhunting, and other British sports also, while a form of lacrosse was being played by the northern native tribes and some whites in places like Michigan.

Why is it bad to take drugs during playing a sport?

For lots of reasons. They may give you an advantage, so it can beseen as cheating. They are not competing on what is purely theirown ability. They could then be banned from sport. Drugs may alsohave negative effects on people and do damage to their health. Soit is not a good idea to take them. Use t (MORE)