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What are the factors influence attitude towards developmental changes?

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  • Appearance
  • Changes of behavior
  • Cultural Stereotypes
  • Cultural Values
  • Role Changes
  • Personal Experiences
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How does Ralph's attitude towards Piggy change?

Initially Ralph viewed Piggy as an uninvited and unwanted intrusion on his pleasure at finding himself on a tropical island. Ralph walked off when Piggy was forced to asnwer a

How did scout attitude change toward aunt Alexandra?

Scout used to think that Aunt Alexandra was a snob who only cared about the family name, but as the story continues, Scout grows to appreciate Aunt Alexandra. After, hearing h

How did Roman attitudes toward Christian's change over time?

The Roman Empire could easily accomodate the then Christian God (Son of God) because it could directly be compared to one of their own gods. Christianity grew stronger and soo

How does Juliet's attitude towards the nurse change?

Juliet no longer trusts her after she turns against Romeo. She completely removes the nurse from anything that was happening between her and Romeo.

How does Katniss ' attitude towards Peeta change?

At first, Katniss hates having to verse Peeta in the Hunger Games, because she can "never stop owing him". When she was starving a long time ago, he threw her bread meant for

How has jem's attitude toward Boo Radley changed?

Like his father Jem is compassionate and an advocate for the underdog. He does not see Boo as a maniac but rather a kind person who has been shunned by society from vicious go