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some features of brahma (the hindu god of creation) are:
  • his 4 heads - each one of them speaking 1 of the 4 vedas (the most sacred, religious texts for hindu's).
  • his consort sariswati (sp?) reguarly accompanied him
  • his 4 arms - to hold all sacred items of worship
  • he is usually drawn with a beard (that's what i've read)

hope this helps x
(he probably has some more too just ask GOOGLE)
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He is the creator . he is part of the Trimurti . he has 4 heads . he has four arms . he holds a lotus flower in a hand . he holds a rosary in a hand . he holds a water p

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he carries the vedas (holy scriptures) that represents almight power of Brahman and Brahma as he is the creator of worlds.