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What are the five senses of the human body?

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1. Seeing
2. Hearing
3. Smelling
4. Feeling
5. Tasting

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What are the five senses?

Five senses are sight (seeing), hearing (listening), smelling, feeling (touch), and tasting.

What are the five major cavities in the human body?

A body cavity is a space in the body containing organs, such as the heart, lungs, and liver. The five major cavities are; 1. Cranial 2.Spinal 3.Thoracic 4.Abdominal

What are the eight senses of the human body?

Actually there are only five. Touch, smell, hear, taste, and sight. Answer. There are between nine and twenty-one human senses. The number is not definite as many researchers

What are Five senses of human body and Explain each?

Vision Smell Touch Hear Taste And they kinda speak for themselves There are actually a total of 9 senses the other 4 not being too well known, there is also Thermoception - s

What are 5 senses organ of human body?

You have nose, eye, ears, tongue and skin as a sence organ. Out of these skin is incidentally the largest organ of the body.
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What are the roles of the five human senses?

The five senses :   * Taste - lets you taste your food (helps determine edibility or safety of consumed food)  * Smell- detects the presence of food, or dangerous substanc

How does the five senses of human body interpret the outside world?

You have your nose, your eyes, your ears, your tongue and the skin, which receive the information from the out side world. You do not receive the complete information of the o