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What are the frequencies for toy walkie-talkies around the world?

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The cheapest transmit/receive in AM in the 27 mHz range, usually with less than 100mw (milliwatts). 27.125 (CB Channel 14) is the most frequently used frequency. The next level transmit/receive in FM in the 460 mHz UHF range: Channel 1: 462.5625 Channel 2: 462.5875 3: 462.6125 4: 462.6375 5: 462.6625 6: 462.6875 7: 462.7125 8: 467.5625 9: 467.5875 10: 467.6125 11: 467.6375 12: 467.6625 13: 467.6875 14: 467.7125
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