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What are the most common animal viruses?

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Honey bee infected with deformed wing virus. This is not a virus at all, it's a deformation
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What are the most common viruses?

The most common virus is Trojan. A hacker can get control of your computer with a Trojan. Then he can steal confidential data. Crash your PC. For example: You saved your Cred

What is the worlds most common animal?

Phylum: Nematoda (roundworms) Class: Aves (birds) Order: Coleoptera (beetles and weevils), Calanoida (zooplankton) Family: Formicidae. (ants) Genus: Homo (human), Ratt

What are the most common sources of viruses?

Viruses are often embedded in email attachments. They usually have an executable extension such as .exe, .com, or .chm. Often they are compressed into password protected ZIP a
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What is the most common method by which viruses spread?

Human viruses are mostly spread by touching things that have viruses on them: doorknobs, handshakes, workout machines, and so forth. Oh, yeah, once you have the viruses on you