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What are the names for various groups of animals?

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Animal Groups
  • Frogs- Army
  • Turtles- Bales
  • Coyotes- Band
  • Quail- Bevy
  • Pheasants- Bouquet
  • Hawks- Cast
  • Finches- Charm
  • Cats- Clowder
  • Penguins- Colony
  • Rhinos- Crash
  • Woodpeckers- Descent
  • Doves- Dole
  • Hares- Down
  • Squirrels- Dray
  • Hogs- Drift
  • Crocodiles- Float
  • Elks- Gang
  • Hawks- Kettle
  • Cows- Kine
  • Moles- Labor
  • Leopards- Leap
  • Crows- Murder
  • Chickens- Peep
  • Apes- Shrewdness
  • Bears- Sleuth
  • Swans- Wedge
  • Ferrets - Parliment and/or Business
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