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What are the names of some successful real estate entrepreneurs?

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Donald Trump Trammell Crow
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Suggest name for a Real Estate Company?

I want to suggest most simple, easy and best name for your company  which is "Affordable Real Estate Company". I am also running a  constructional company which is Affordabl

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What is real estate?

Real estate refers to land, as well as any physical property or  improvements affixed to the land, including houses, buildings,  landscaping, fencing, wells, etc

What happens if a name is misspelled on a real estate sale agreement?

Happens all the time, but legally is could make the contract null and void. That depends if one party wishes to challenge it. The mistake will usually be picked up by the titl

Who are the successful Cebuano's entrepreneurs?

Ray Cooley is one. He started an agri-busisness. To read more, visit the Related Link. Home Mavericks, with Eric Alvin Go Po, Eric Mendoza, Vincent Sandoval, and Johann Esca

What are the determinants of successful entrepreneur?

Determinants of successful entrepreneurs: 1. Do what you enjoy 2. Take what you do seriously 3. Plan everything 4. Manage money wisely 5. Ask for the sale 6. Remember it's al

What are the most successful entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is someone that takes risks. Usually invloving business or money. So the most successful would be and entrepreneur who takes risks for the better of his compan

Who are five successful Filipino entrepreneurs?

Below are some successful Filipino entrepreneurs:   * Emi Pulido Talaue  * John Gokongwei  * Mother Lily Monteverde  * Tony Tan Caktiong  * Vicente Quimbo  * William

How do you do real estate?

I believe you are asking, how do you get started in this career.   Depending on the state you are in, the licensing requirements may  vary. The process is usually somethi