What are the negative contributions of Joseph Estrada?

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Why Joseph estrada should be pardon?

Answer . ..maybe because of his old age and because of his mother.. ÖÖ' he was already detained for 6 yrs and 6 months. ÖÖ'but i don't really understand why the

Contribution of Joseph Estrada?

I think o nly Ninoy Aquino was the best president after all, I know my answer was bit too far from the questioned asked. but because of him having a ten year planned

Joseph estrada contributions?

Joseph Estrada was the thirteenth President of the Philippines. Heserved between 1998 and 2001. During that time he had to fightthrough issues with possible fraud. However, th

What is middle name of Joseph Estrada?

Joseph Estrada has no middle name. In fact, "Joseph Estrada" isn't even his real name. His real name is Joseph Marcelo Ejercito. He just adopted this "Estrada" as his screen n

What are the programs that were implemented by Joseph Estrada?

As the 13th President of the Philippines, Joseph Ejercito Estrada began the process of changing the Constitutional charter of the Philippines, but the process was incomplete a