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What are the nutrition facts about a waffle house waffle?

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What is a waffle?

1: A butter cake (made from heavy pancake batter) made in a waffle  iron. Generally, a waffle is thicker and heavier than a pancake.  Waffles are pressed in a waffle iron th

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What are waffles?

Waffles are a breakfast food made from flour, sugar, eggs, and  water. Occasionally, fruit, candy, or chocolate chips may be added  to add to the flavor. Waffles are traditi

How many waffles are in a waffle house?

This is answer is proportional to the amount of wood a woodchuck can chuck if it could chuck wood. Just subtract the woodchucks, replace it with fluffy waffles and you will ge
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What are facts about waffles?

They are delicious, you can make shapes with them or build houses, they are not as messy as pancakes, they can be round, they take longer to make. Kids prefer them and you can