What are the nutrition facts about a waffle house waffle?

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What is a waffle?

1: A butter cake (made from heavy pancake batter) made in a waffleiron. Generally, a waffle is thicker and heavier than a pancake.Waffles are pressed in a waffle iron that makes small squaresacross the waffle. 2: To speak, write, or act evasively.

What are waffles?

Waffles are a breakfast food made from flour, sugar, eggs, andwater. Occasionally, fruit, candy, or chocolate chips may be addedto add to the flavor. Waffles are traditionally eaten with syrupand butter.

How much do waitress make an hour at waffle house?

Not very much at all, Typically, all servers in almost all businesses only make 2.13 an hour, which is what waitressess at Wafflehouse make. People assume that they make more money than most because their tips should equal minimum wage, but they do not. People tend to tip less at places like Waffleh (MORE)

Can you be 15 to work at waffle house?

Yes and No, Depending on what state you reside in, decides on what the child labor laws are, I work at a Waffle House myself, they made me wait until 16 for their "official" hire. I'm not 100% aware of WH policy but, in most cases no. Unless your legally emancipated, or you have an inside conn (MORE)

What is Waffling on a decision?

It means to back and forth. If little johnny asked to go to the park and you said, "Yes, no, maybe, yes, no." then you are waffling. People who run for political office do it all the time. It depends on who they are trying to please at the time.

How do waffles dance?

They propel themselves up from the toasters and tango for about 2 and a half hours until they get dry bathe themselves in syrup and then they cha-cha

How old do you have to be to work at waffle house?

You can be 14 yrs. old. But most of the waffle houses hire 15 yr. olds. I am currently working at McDonalds and im only 14. . You can be 14 yrs. old. But most of the waffle houses hire 15 yr. olds. I am currently working at McDonalds and im only 14.

How much does a waffle house trainee get paid?

minimum wage, whatever that might be in your state. depending on the waffle house and your position you're training for (waiter, host, busser, etc), you may get tips in addition to minimum wage. Unless you're a manager, don't expect much more than minimum + tips.

How many fat calories are in waffle house hashbrowns?

I haven't found for just hash browns. But here's 2 eggs, hash browns and buttered toast: Serving Size: 1 plate; Calories: 770, Total Fat: 35g, Carbs: 50g, Protein. Hashbrowns - scattered, smothered and chunked: Serving Size: 1 serving (147g); Calories: 409, Total Fat: 27.1g, Carbs: 29.9g, Protein: (MORE)

What does waffle house pay an hour?

starting pay is minimum wage and top pay is NEVER over 9/hr and that is extremely hard to get. actually I have a cook In Virginia who is make 10.00 an hour sorry! Actually in order to get a raise with waffle house you have to be unethical and not care bout the customers or the food you put out. (MORE)

How many waffles are in a waffle house?

This is answer is proportional to the amount of wood a woodchuck can chuck if it could chuck wood. Just subtract the woodchucks, replace it with fluffy waffles and you will get your answer. Remember to divide.

Are waffles bad for you?

It all depends. A low fat, multi-grain waffle is healthy,yes, but without the butter and syrup!

Are waffles good for you?

Well actually it is good for you but not all the time. Just good for calsium because it made of milk. And it can make you fat. Maybe just eat it twice a week that's enough.

What is the stock symbol for waffle house?

The Waffle House Inc. is a private company and has been since its incorporation. As a private company no public shares are available and because of this no ticker symbol exists. .

What is the recipede for waffles?

Waffles are made with a batter similar to pancake batter, with additional oil. Basic waffles 3/4 c. milk 1 egg 1 Tbs. oil 1 c. flour (may use up to half whole wheat) 2 tsp. baking powder pinch salt (1/8 tsp.) Beat the milk and egg together with oil. Stir in combined dry ingredien (MORE)

When were waffles discovered?

They were invented in the Middle Ages. Their origin is from wafers, which were sold in the 14th century by street vendors in England.

Can you die from waffles?

Yes. There are numerous ways you can die from eating them. If you are diabetic, for example, your blood sugar could get too high, and you might die if you ate enough. If you eat to many, I'm sure it could cause a tear somewhere in your digestive system, which could, under some circumstances cause (MORE)

Can waffles explode?

Yes, If you you add enough salt to one and add a cherry on top it can make a great science project. Of course, the owners of the building you are performing this in won't be amused.

How many waffle house are there?

The Waffle House System has grown to over 1500 restaurants in the US since 1955, when the 1st Waffle House opened in Avondale, GA

Why am I a waffle?

You are a waffle, because waffles are beast, and through the transitive properties you are also beast.

What are facts about waffles?

They are delicious, you can make shapes with them or build houses, they are not as messy as pancakes, they can be round, they take longer to make. Kids prefer them and you can throw them farther than a pancake. Waffles were actually invented back in ancient Greece! although these were a little diffe (MORE)

Does the Waffle House only serve breakfast?

no, waffle house doesn't serve only break fast,it is the right place for big family gathering togetherfor breakfast, lunch or dinner with 140 seats to serveThere are always daily specials for seniors as well.one can enjoy homemade style cuisine with friends and family at