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What are the oil specs on a 97cc baja?

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The oil should be between the "Min" & "Max" lines on the dip stick. Make sure you're on level ground when you check it...

Oil capacity is .45l or .40 quarts

You can run 10w 30 Oil in it rear round.
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What is the opposite of Baja?

Baja is a spanish word meaning short. The spanish word for tall is alta.

What size chain on a 97cc baja doodlebug?

100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 ft     --edit--   Stock chain will be a #35 Chain. You can purchase it from many places on the web.    

How fast can a 97cc dirt bug go?

  my kids is way to fast it will do about 42 mph which is way to fast. It needs to be slowed down so it will have more low end power.