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What are the oil specs on a 97cc baja?

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The oil should be between the "Min" & "Max" lines on the dip stick. Make sure you're on level ground when you check it...

Oil capacity is .45l or .40 quarts

You can run 10w 30 Oil in it rear round.
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What size chain on a 97cc baja doodlebug?

100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 ft     --edit--   Stock chain will be a #35 Chain. You can purchase it from many places on the web.    

You just bought a 97cc baja doodle bug but it keeps cutting off when trying to start what is wrong with it?

  First of coarse check the oil and gas. If that's good then check if it has access to the gas (near the motor there will be a gold knob ( don't trust me on colour). Make

How do you change oil on 70cc baja dirt runner?

There is a small 'plug' on the bottm of the engine. Put a pan under  and take off the plug. Let it drain and give the bike a few small  shakes to get the excess out. To put

Why is my Baja warrior 196cc homelite blowing oil out of exhaust?

it may be that iol got into yur muffler an it is stuck i there... tis actually ju happened to me a day ago... u probably just have to taoff yor muffler and le it sit overnight