What are the pros and cons of Nike shoes?

Nike shoes are generally considered to be attractive and durable. They are also highly advertised and promoted, and are much higher priced than shoes of comparable quality. For that reason in particular, Nike sneakers are somewhat of a status symbol to many, especially those of college age or younger. Nike shoes are also innovative, introducing a number of new features designed to increase comfort and enhance an athlete's performance.

However, there have been many customer complaints, and instances of shoes (such as Nike Shox) failing after little use, and sometimes causing foot injury.

In addition, some consumers are not happy about how Nike Inc. does business, employing factory workers in Indonesia, for example, for as low as 23 cents per hour.
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How did Nike Shoes get is name?

Ah, okay. The answer is really like, whoa. so if you've read about Greek gods and goddesses you MIGHT remember one named Nike. She was the goddess of Olympics. of course. (MORE)

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Are Nike SB Shoes good?

yes i used nike sb paul rodriguez 2.5s and they're boss.u can get nike sb from zumiez and other stores. Eric kostons low lunarlons are good as well but not as prods. cus when (MORE)
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