What are the religions in Swaziland?

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The CIA World Factbook lists the following religions and the percentage of adherents in Swaziland:
  • Zionist 40% (a blend of Christianity and indigenous ancestral worship)
  • Roman Catholic 20%
  • Muslim 10%
  • other (includes Anglican, Bahai, Methodist, Mormon, Jewish) 30%
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Where is Swaziland?

Swaziland is a small country in south-eastern Africa, landlocked by South Africa and Mozambique..

Who colonised swaziland?

Colonial rule (incomplete) was established by Great Britain between 1902 and 1968. Early in King Mswati,s reign the British were asked to protect Swaziland from continuous Zul

Is swaziland real?

Swaziland is a real country. It is a land locked country in Southern Africa. Capital Lobamba. Gained independence from the UK 6th September 1968. Population 1,185,000, area 76