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What is hypnosis in Latin?


What is highway hypnosis?

Relaxation of the mind that occurs when driving for long distances at highway speeds. Your mind plays tricks on your body and makes you believe that you are almost stationary.

What is spontaneous hypnosis?

Spontaneous hypnosis is the situation where the brain slips into the same state as in clinical hypnosis or deep meditation (high theta wave activity, combined with suppressed

What can hypnosis not do?

Hypnosis really only works for people who are very imaginative and have a rich fantasy life, so hypnosis can't affect people who are completely against that sort of thing. M

What is statistic?

A statistic is simply the count of something. Statistics (plural) is the count of something added to or compared to the count of something else. Jane has: 4 apples 6 bananas 2

Is hypnosis real?

Yes Hypnosis is for real. Some of the hypnosis you see for entertainment is a far stretch from reality. They usually pick extroverts for the show who will 'play along' with t

What is statistics?

Statistics is a branch of mathematics in which data of a specific topic can be organized and show in a clearly way.

What are statistics?

The word "Statistics" which comes from the Latin words status, meaning a political state, originally meant information useful to the state, for example, information about the

In basic statistics what is sample size and effective sample size?

sample size refers to the collection of data by only a selected size of te population through the process of sample surveys and sampling methods used in collecting data.

What is a statistic?

The related link should help you to understand the word statistics and statistic.   A statistic is a numerical quantity or value that is obtain from a set of data.   The

What are the steps of hypnosis?

As I understand it the steps to Hypnosis go as follows: 1. An Induction - relaxtion and focusing inward. 2. A Deepener 3. One or more Suggestions 4. An Awakening - coming bac

What is hypnosis effective in?

Hypnotherapy is useful in reducing pain, curing phobias, quitting  smoking, losing weight, reducing stress and anxiety, and more. It  is a very powerful tool that is quite u

Research statistics on the effectiveness of hypnosis for dental phobia?

The effectiveness depends on your actual will, how bad you want to  end your phobia, and how effective your hypnotherapist is. You can  even try to cure your phobia by hypno

Who founded hypnosis?

Franz Mesmer started the idea that there is a state similar to sleep that people can experience in more controlled settings. Mesmerism was named after him, and psychologists l

Why does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis puts the person who is being hypnotized into a relaxed  state and you can converse with their subconscious mind without  their notice.   Hypnotherapy deals with