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19th century British literature.
American literature. The Greek epic. The short story. I note that the question refers to the two types. The usual way of classifying literature as two types (and no more) is prose and verse.
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What are the two general divisions of literature?

The two general divisions of literature is fiction and non-fiction.  Fiction literature is literature that is false information.  Non-fiction literature is information that

What are two types of violence found in literature?

The two categories of violence in literature are 1. specific injury that characters cause to one another ex:shoot eachother 2. any violence that causes characters harm in gen

What were two types of early greek literature and what were they about?

There were fables, lyrical poems, epics, and other literature types in ancient Greece. Fables were short stories that taught a lesson. Aesop wrote many fables that we still re

What are the two divisions of literature?

Divisons of Literature are: oral or spoken, printed or written literature If you are asking about how literature is passed along, the division is between spoken word and pri

What are the two general types of literature?

Structurally, literature can be classified as either prose or poetry. Thematically, it consists of fiction and non-fiction.

What was the type of literature encouraged by the renaissance period type of literature?

The Rennaissance, or "Age of Enlightenment", did not encourage a specific type of literature, however one of the most important aspects of the most reknowned writers of the ti