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What are the uses of an electric can opener?

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They are used to open cans.
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What is the meaning of electric can opener?

Eyup mate how ya doing I hope you get D* D* D* in public services and achieve everything you desire in life mate an electric can opener is something you shove up your stinky p

What electric can openers are made in US?

A number of electric can openers are made in the US including the EZ-DUZ-IT and, for heavier duty work, the Edlund 266 (see Sources and related links section below). ANSWER 2

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What are the uses of electricity?

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What happen if electric circuit is open?

Electrons cannot traverse or move thru an open circuit. Therefore there is no current or 'electron' flow. Voltage may be present with an open circuit but it is doing no 'work'

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