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There are many uses computers in defence such as:
1) Controlling UAV or unmanned air-crafts an example is Predator. If you have cable I would recommend watching the shows " Future Weapons" and " Modern Marvles". The show future weapons gives an entire hour to the predator.
2) They are also used on Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) that uses GPS and Computers to help the missile get to the target.
3) Computers are used to track incoming missiles and help slew weapons systems onto the incoming target to destroy them.
4) Computers are used in helping the military find out where all their assets are (Situational Awareness) and in Communications/Battle Management Systems.
5) Computers are used in the logistic and ordering functions of getting equipments to and around the battlefield.
6) Computers are used to hold records of personnel and very useful in field hospitals.
7) Computers are used in tanks and planes and ships to target enemy forces, help run the platform and more recently to help diagnose any problems with the platforms.
8) Computers are used as gateways between different computer networks and to host security functions (crypto systems).
9) Computers help design and test new systems.
10) Computers are used to hold documents, maintenance records and records of events.
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