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What are two basic types of satellite images?

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What are the two basic types of amnesia and how they are different?

Can be defined as 'partial or total loss of memory, usually resulting from shock, psychological disturbance, brain injury, or illness.' Two types are: Anterograde- 'The ina

What are two types of image management programs?

There are two types of images you can work with, vector images and pixel(raster or bitmap images).Vector based software are Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and you can work both

What are the two basic types of arrests?

Actual and constructive

What are the two basic types of electrical circuit?

There are many different types of circuits, but, in basic electricity, perhaps the two most common types of circuits are parallel and series. A parallel-connected circuit is

How do satellites gather data for satellite image?

Satellites gather data from a satellite image by using electronic  devices to collect computer data

How are satellite images helpful?

they r helpful as they are made such they go into the space and dont get burrn and get us valuable information about universe

What are satellite images?

Photos taken of Earth from an orbiting satellite

What are the two basic types of behavior?

There are two types of basic human behavior. Innate behavior, which  is automatic and exhibited by all individuals. Learned behavior,  which is modified by experience and wi
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What are the two basic types of catastrophic plan?

There are two types of catastrophic plans. The first type aids the insured when his/her medical benefits have reached its maximum. The second type aids the family member(s) of