What automaker has a lightning bolt logo?

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What do lightning bolts by the eyes mean?

In current usage, lightening bolts from the eyes usually means ill-wishes or anger/jealousy. In older usage it meant the attention (good or bad) of a god, usually Zeus.

Why aren't lightning bolts straight?

Lightning bolts are not straight because they are looking for the path of least resistance Lightning bolts want to find the path of least resistance so they can make it to the ground faster. Lightning bolts are zig-zag because they are finding the easiest path to the ground.

How dangerous is a lightning bolt?

very, very dangerous because a strike of lightning hitting you can badly electricute you.. Yoda_boy22: Actually, it is dependable. If you are in a middle of a

How does a lightning bolt form?

Lightning bolt forms when there is an imbalance between positiveand negative charges. When these electronic charges meet in theclouds, they form lightning bolt.

Why does Zeus have a lightning bolt?

Because he was not just the king of the ancient gods he was also the god of storms, which lightning at that time ment "The wrath of Zeus" The cyclopses in Hephaestus's forges Mae the thunderbolts for him.

What was the most destructive lightning bolt?

The most destructive lightning bolt on record struck PicatinnyArsenal , an ammo depot in New Jersey in 1926. The bolt started afire and a series of explosions that destroyed more than 20buildings and killed 21 people.

Does a lightning bolt originate from the ground?

lightning originates from electric particles in the sky that cicrulate around in the thunder cloud, then hit the ground. sometimes, lighting can create a 'statue' in the sand on beaches in the sand because it melts the sand together.. Lighting can originate from the ground to a cloud, from a cloud (MORE)

On Howrse what is a Zeus' lightning bolt?

It is something to change the gender of your horse. So say I had a female horse. I really wanted a boy horse. All I have to do is buy ZLB and assign that to her. She will then become a male and can offer coverings. Hope that helped.

Who stole zuez's lightning bolt?

The bolt was stolen by Luke, who was being manipulated by Kronos. Luke Castellan stole Zeus's lightning bolt in the Lightning Thief.

Can you get a lightning bolt in poptropica?

The "lightning effect" is used for the Lightning Staff (250 credits in the Store) and for the Lightning Bolt from Zeus on the ad-game for "Percy Jackson and the Olympians", which was last on Mythology Island, for young male users only, in early July, 2010.

The lightning bolt from The Lightning Thief?

It's Zeus's master bolt. His ultimate weapon and symbol of power. Percy (the son of Poseidon and a mortal woman) is accused of stealing the bolt, hence the book's name "Percy Jackson, the Lightning Thief"

How far can lightning bolts travel?

They length of a lightning bolt is 2 to 3 miles long, and they can travel twice as far as there length, so the answer is they can travel 4 to 6 miles.

Which God threw lightning bolts?

Zeus is the god of the sky and lightning, as well as being king of the gods, so he would be the one who can control lightning.

Where do you get the lightning bolt on Poptropica?

The "lightning effect" is used for the Lightning Staff (250 credits in the Store) and for the Lightning Bolt from Zeus on the ad-game for "Percy Jackson and the Olympians", which was last on Mythology Island, for young male users only, in early July, 2010. you are not needed to find it all you have (MORE)

How do you get the lightning bolt on poptropica?

Zeus boy will help you ut only if you finish zeuses task to keep the apple you go up to the big boy in the shop next to the 2 girls then you go to the water place then he will break thee ground to the palace for poesiden then then you get the treident then the same to the under ground but the rock b (MORE)

Why is plasma found in lightning bolts?

The extreme amount of energy passing through a very narrow space in the air converts some of the air (02, CO2, N and H20 vapor) directly from a gas into a plasma (which only happens in very high energy situations) and explodes the rest outward at supersonic speed, creating a (relatively) small but e (MORE)

What was Zeus' lightning bolt made of?

Zeus does not have a lightning bolt, he has a thunderbolt made of lightning. It was given to him by the Cyclops as a token of their appreciation for releasing them from Cronus' stomach. The thunderbolt had previously been hidden by Gaia, Zeus' grand-mother.

Where was the Zeus' lightning bolt made?

Really it is unsure. In the myth, as I know it, Zeus's lightning bolt was made by cyclopes (multiple cyclops), but that is as far as I remember it. I think it said inside Mount Olympus. I think it also said something about a volcano.

What is a bolt lightning?

The first book, The Lightning Thief, refers to Zeus, the thunder god, and his Master Bolt. In the book, the author described it as a nuclear weapon, which Zeus uses later on. In the story, Percy has to try to retrieve it before the Summer Solstice, and embarks on a exciting adventure.

What company has a lightning bolt logo?

Many companies incorporate a lightning bolt in their logo. They vary from a surf board company called Lightning Bolt to electric companies, Good Seal Plastic Tape etc. It's a pretty standard symbol.

Is a lightning bolt sharp?

This question cannot be answered as written, a lightning bolt is an electrical phenomenon and as such has no physical shape. It is neither sharp nor dull.

Why is lightning bolt a symbol for a charger?

The lightning symbols that if the naked wiring is touched you willbe electric shocked, but it is mainly for the use that it could bea lightning charger, or just to show that electricity is used tomake the charger charge the phone.

How powerful is lightning bolt?

Lightning bolts are very powerful, some more than others. Thetypical lightning bolt contains 15 million volts of electricity andheats the air up around 60,000 degrees. Let's just say, that if a mortal were to touch it... they would explode. :)