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What can a GPS in a mobile phone be used for?

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A GPS, or Global Positioning System can usually be used to find its own position on the planet Earth, with great precision. This is particularly useful for the person currently holding the GPS, or if the GPS is being used as a tracking device, for the people tracking the GPS. Often the GPS will be used in conjunction with software that displays the current position on a world-map and also sometimes with directions to a customize-able destitution. This makes the GPS useful for navigation in different situations. When included in a mobile phone the GPS becomes even more useful because it will be portable and less likely to be forgotten.
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Is gps a free service on gps enabled mobile phones in Saudi Arabia?

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What are the advantage of gps in mobile phone?

There are positives and negatives: Positive: In particular with smart phones it's useful because many applications need to know your location in order to give more meaningful

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