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What can cause stomach pain followed by back pain?

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Many things can cause those symptoms for examples, Ulcers, appendicitis, pancreatis, kidney infection, gall stones, or if you have a serious fall recently something call caudo equina. look these up and if the pain gets worse go to the ER
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Can water infection cause back and stomach pain?

  Most definitely - this is what has just happened to me and I was in agony. You need to get some antibiotics from the Doctor immediately. Keep up the fluid intake, lots o

Can stress cause stomach pain?

Yes, it can do. If it is causing you major problems I suggest speaking to the doctor about it. Severe stomach pain when stressed can be caused by conditions such as IBS (Irrit

Can back pain causes Achilles pain?

Yes. But to be more precise, back pain can be a sign that your lower back is tight. Your lower back being tight may mean the nerves that come out of your lower back area tha

Does honey cause stomach pain?

I believe it does for me. I get really bad cramps/pain in my upper abdomen. It comes on several hours after ingestion and lasts 8 hours or more! Very painful to the point that

Does ibuprofen cause stomach pain?

well i read in another website that it can cause pain after a long term use. for some it can cause bleeding. consult your doctor, to be extra sure. Yes it is known to cause st

What causes shooting stomach pain?

    What causes shooting stumach pain for most Ladies is them getting there period. Or it can have something to do with your apendix or you could have stretched a mus

What causes stomach pains in top of stomach?

If you eat too much food or swallowing food not properly chewed. In  other words indigestion.

Can Augmentin cause stomach pains?

Yes. Augmentin is an anti-biotic that will act against the E. coli in the colon. This frequently causes diarrhea/loose stools as well as nausea. So stomach pains are not unexp

What is causes of stomach pain?

for girls - they are going through thier periods for the first time they get it and also when they get thier periods after a month the first when you gonna recieve it, it will
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Can antibiotics cause stomach pain?

Yes because antibiotics are used to kill bacteria in the intestinal part of your body.. They are suppose to kill the bad bacteria but they tend to kill some good bacteria whic

Why do marshmallows cause stomach pain?

Most likely either due to the high content of sugar or gelatine  within the marshmallow. Many people find them difficult to digest  simply because of the pure work the stoma