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What can cause stomach pain followed by back pain?

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Many things can cause those symptoms for examples, Ulcers, appendicitis, pancreatis, kidney infection, gall stones, or if you have a serious fall recently something call caudo equina. look these up and if the pain gets worse go to the ER
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Can water infection cause back and stomach pain?

Most definitely - this is what has just happened to me and I was in agony. You need to get some antibiotics from the Doctor immediately. Keep up the fluid intake, lots of wate

What causes lower left back pain and stomach pain?

Can lower back pain be cause by stomach bloating It could be an acute fungal infection, an STI or a sever urinary tract. Or perhaps signs of pregnancy, best to visit your gyn

What is the cause of upper back pain and upset stomach?

I'm not a medical expert by I have near constant pain in the next and shoulder from foraminal stenosis - i.e. a narrowing of the opening where the nerves come out. I get frequ

What is causes of stomach pain?

for girls - they are going through thier periods for the first time they get it and also when they get thier periods after a month the first when you gonna recieve it, it will

What causes stomach pain after you eat?

When we eat, our stomach becomes sensitive. So if you move too much after eating (especially eating a lot), you will feel stomach pain. But it's not true that we can get appen

Does honey cause stomach pain?

I believe it does for me. I get really bad cramps/pain in my upper abdomen. It comes on several hours after ingestion and lasts 8 hours or more! Very painful to the point that

Can antibiotics cause stomach pain?

Yes because antibiotics are used to kill bacteria in the intestinal part of your body.. They are suppose to kill the bad bacteria but they tend to kill some good bacteria whic