What can you do in Romania?

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Romania has a variety of things to do, so it depends on what you like! There are large cities like Cluj, Timisoara, Iasi, Brasov and Bucharest to explore. It is situated in the Carpathian mountains which means that you can hike, ski, ice climb and pursue other outdoor activities. If you like the seaside, there are beaches on the Black Sea. If castles are more your thing, there are a number of them - my favorite is Hunedoara castle. There are a number of historical sites, like pre-Roman ruins at Sarmizegetusa and monasteries, most notably in the eastern Moldavia region. There are beautiful well-preserved medieval towns in the Transylvania region, for instance Sibiu, Alba Iulia and Sighisoara. Agricultural and archaic religious customs are still well preserved. Are well known Orthodox and Catholic holidays, and harvest or harvest berries. And of course, there are all sorts of yummy foods to eat like Sarmale (stuffed grape or cabbage leaves)!
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Where is Romania?

Romania is in SE Europe.. Romania is in Eastern Central Europe. (45 with 45 degrees). Next to: Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, Black Sea.. Romania is a medium s

What continent is Romania on?

Romania is a country in Europe. It would also be in asia because europe and asia are both continents. europe is in asia though.

Who found Romania?

The earliest written evidence of people living in the territory of the present-day Romania comes from Herodotus in book IV of his Histories written 440 BCE. Herein he writes t

Why did romanias leave Romania in 1869?

Could you clarify your question? Who left Romania? Do you mean the Romanies? (= the Gypsies). If so, I am not aware of any exodus; quite on the contrary, they are still here =

Is there a marathon in Romania?

Yes, the International Marathon of Bucharest. See the link: http://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maratonul_interna%C5%A3ional_Bucure%C5%9Fti

When did Romania industrialize?

After 1848 and especially in the communist period, 1948-1988. Now, after 1989, the industry and agriculture in Romania were practically destroyed.
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Does Romania have a president?

Yes ; Romania is a semi-presidential republic with a president whom is head of state and a prime minister whom is head of government.
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Are vampires from Romania?

A few notable vampires have come out of Romania, Transylvania, Hungary, and the general Balkan peninsula. But vampires can come from anywhere.