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The harmful effects of high levels of greenhouse gases are global warming and climate change. To reduce these effects we have to reduce the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The only way to remove them is through photosynthesis. Growing trees and vegetation take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, store the carbon, and release oxygen. So reforestation is the first answer.

The next step is to stop putting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. So we have to stop burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas). We need electricity, so we have to start using renewable energy to generate it.

Greenhouse gases can also be eliminated in exhaust streams (don't emit them) or removed by adsorption, or chemical combination. Scientists are trying to find economical and practical ways of doing this.

A: To control global warming, which is caused by greenhouse effect, we can
  • ~control the emission of pollutants from various automobiles.
  • ~try to use public transport instead of private vehicle.
  • ~factories and industries should control their pollution.
  • ~wastes should not be burned.
 A: Some gases like carbon dioxide etc can cause greenhouse effect, because they can make a prison for the rays of sun which make earth warm. By building up these gases the greenhouse effect grows, so we should stop producing them:
  • reduce production of CO2 by for example not using cars,
  • use filters to refine the gas which is produced by factories
  • Switch off lights when you aren't using them.
  • Get an open fire for your home and use central heating as little as possible
  • Begin recycling all plastic or paper we are going to throw away just go and drop it on the recycle bin.
  • Don't use aerosols.
  • Don't burn fossil fuels
  • stop farting, smoking, driving
  • We can stop driving cars and throwing out good stuff.
 A: Go green!!! recycle, reuse grocery bags, take shorter showers, have a compost bin, have a worm farm.
 A: We can do lots of things, such as drive hybrid vehicles, use solar panels, and use alternative fuels.

The greenhouse effect cause, because of increase in heat trapping gases including Carbon dioxide CFCs & nitrogen. We can reduce greenhouse effect by stop or decrease in use of those instruments which emit these gases.
 A:We can do many things to help, like;

Use less electricity, Ride your bike, and more.

But we don't want to eliminate the Greenhouse effect all in all, we have to have it. If we didn't have, or never did; the Earth's surface would be about 30 degrees Celsius colder. That would not work for our ecosystem that we are attained to now.
 A: Go green!!! Recycle, reuse grocery bags, buy things with less wrappers, make a compost pile for food scraps, fully inflate your car tires (this uses less gas when they are full), take shorter showers, and turn off lights when your not using them.
 A: You can help slow global warming by:
  • Walking, riding your bicycle, or taking the bus instead of always going by car.
  • Not wasting electricity (turn off the lights, the radio, the TV and the computer when you're not using them).
  • Reducing, reusing or recycling all kinds of items, from soda pop cans to clothes, to save energy and raw materials.
  • Planting trees to help absorb excess CO2, and to provide shade and windbreaks to keep buildings at more even temperatures so they will require less energy for heating or cooling.
 A: First of all, there are two types of the greenhouse effect: the natural and the man-made. The greenhouse you are probably talking about is the man-made-- the bad one. The man-made OVERheats it. The natural warms it so we can still survive. And global warming is also affected by humans, and it is also natural. But we should still try to prevent it.  A: The greenhouse effect is a natural heating process that occurs when certain gases in Earth's atmosphere trap heat. Without the greenhouse effect Earth would be too cold to live on. We need this to live, it is not bad. The problem is when it gets too strong it can heat up Earth too much. There are signs that this has happened on Venus. To help keep this not too strong recycle, reuse and don't use up Earth's resources.
 A: The greenhouse effect can be reduced by reducing the emission of the greenhouse gases. Carbon dioxide release, which is usually produced from industry and automobile usage, can be reduced by increasing automobile efficiency by carpooling, walking, cycling, or using public transportation. Also, the electric car may soon be available to the public. Meanwhile the amount of methane in the air can be reduced by preventing forest fires and the depletion of trees, increasing the sinks like trees and forests.
 A: We could try geoengineering techniques, however these methods are speculative, untested, and potentially dangerous in their own right, and the reduction of carbon emissions may still be additionally necessary.

Geoengineering methods include reducing global warming by reflecting the incident solar radiation, by emitting aerosols, increasing the reflectivity of the ground or clouds, or by using mirrors in space. The other geoengineering approach is to capture carbon from the atmosphere in artificial 'chemical trees' so it can be buried, or to encourage algae growth in the ocean which then fall to the deep ocean floor.

Our other alternative is to adapt human civilization and the biosphere to cope with the effects of climate change, through improved flood controls, a more flexible and expanded food supply, and the relocation or care of endangered species if possible.

We should however not become dependent on these methods, and try to reduce carbon emissions to the atmosphere by
  • reducing carbon emissions by consuming less, or replacing consumables with alternatives which emit less carbon in their use and production.
  • reducing the birth rate so the potential for future carbon emissions are reduced
  • capture then contain or sequester (bury) carbon emissions to prevent them reaching the atmosphere. This includes artificial, and natural sinks such as forests.
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