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What can you give to a baby to stop constipation?

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by giving fibre diet for example cocumber
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How do you give Kayro syrup to a baby when they are constipated?

  Check first with the baby's doctor!   Parents say to mix a half-teaspoon of syrup into 4 ounces of baby forumula.   Kayro syrup has very high sugar content and in

What can you do if a baby is constipated?

    Feed him Maltsupex. It works every time, and is the un-constipator.     --------     First thing to do is to consider the diet of the baby. There may

What gives you constipation?

Your diet. Lack of moisture or certain foods can be troublesome-like bananas in excess for example. Raisins, grapes, watermelon, etc. has the opposite effect. Having occasiona

What do you do when your baby is constipated?

There are several things that you can do that will help your baby feel better when he/she is constipated. 1. Give them prune juice/baby food. 2.Apple juice. 3.Rub their tummy/

How do you cure constipation in babies?

It would depend on the cause of the constipation. But if a baby is having bowel problems they should be evaluated by their pediatrician. It can be anything from a low fiber di

How does one cure baby constipation?

There are multiple remedies for baby constipation. Some are as simple as offering the baby the right amount of water in addition to usual feedings. Fruit juice can also be use

What does it mean to dream about a constipated baby?

A constipated baby needs an adult to provide help to move whatneeds to be moved, that is, eliminated. The baby may representyourself, suggesting that you need to "push" yourse