What can you make with dill weed?

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Dill is commonly used in soups and pickling.
It can be added to sauces for fish.
It is in several types of bread.
It can be mixed with sour cream or cream cheese for a dip.
The seed heads can be put in the bottom of your kitchen compost bucket to help make it smell a bit better.
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How do you make dill pickles?

The answer to your question is too complex to enter within this website. The National Center for Home Food Processing and Preservation (NCHFP) has a website that provides an excellent forum for information on curing, smoking, fermenting, freezing, canning, and dehydration. They were established wi (MORE)

Who is dill?

In real life Charles Baker Harris (dill) represents Truman Capote who was Harper Lee's best friend

Why does smoking weed make you hungry?

Smoking weed makes you hungry because the THC is very similar to a natural occuring chemical in your brain that triggers hunger, and when the THC binds to the chemical receptors in your brain it makes you feel hungry again.

What makes the ultimate weed?

The ultimate weed would be able to live with every single type of pesticide and chemical that you use to kill it. Then it would just keep on growing and spreading around, and eventually take over. It would also destroy other plants by invading their space.

Why does weed make you throw up?

Weed should not make you throw up. In fact it is used for cancer patients to increase their appetite and sooth nausea. The only way it could make you throw up is if the smoke is swallowed. It then lays in your stomach causing you to get sick. This would happen ingesting any type of smOke assume.

How long does dill weed dip last in fridge?

With the following ingredients that is combined in the dill weed dip. The sour cream or if you use cream cheese will last 3days in the fridge. As long as you don't let the dip say in a heated place for longer than 1hour. . If the dip is out for longer than 3hours please only put in fridge for one (MORE)

How do you make dill pickle relish?

\nYou can find several variations of dill pickle relish recipes at www.foodnetwork.com and www.recipezaar.com . \n. \nIngredients\n. \n6 1/2 cups cucumbers, chopped\n2 cups red bell peppers, chopped\n2 1/4 cups onions, chopped\n1 1/4 cup celery, chopped\n2/3 cup salt\n6 cups water\n4 cups cider vi (MORE)

What is a substitute for dill weed?

Dill has a very unique flavor so anything you substitute for it will make the dish taste noticably different. With that in mind, you could use parsley, basil, chervil, taragon or any soft leafed herb.

Can dill weed get you high?

Actully no it can not just because it has the word weed in it does not mean it can get you high i have amokedsmoked a whole bottle and the closest hing yo will get to hgh is a bad taste and a huge pain in the throat. So i am sorry to say but no it will not get you high.

What makes a dill pickle kosher?

A "kosher" dill pickle is not necessarily kosher in the sense that it has been prepared in accordance with Jewish dietary law. Rather, it is a pickle made in the traditional manner of Jewish New York City pickle makers, with generous addition of garlic and dill to a natural salt brine.

How much dried dill weed equals head of dill weed?

When using dill, you will find that both the feathery leaves and the flower heads can be used. Most often the flower heads are allowed to mature and harvested as dill seed. I usually get about a tablespoon of dried dill seed per plant (plants often have more than one seed head). I also dry the l (MORE)

Is there any substitute for alum to use to make dill pickles?

The USDA no longer recommends alum in pickles. The alum was used in the past to make pickles crisp (it did not work very well). Most pickle recipes now create crispness by soaking cucumber slices in a salt water brine, kept cold for 6-24 hours. Refer to a modern recipe for making pickles.

What do you do with dill weed?

Dill weed is good for herbed butters, dips, salads, home madeherbed bread, meats just about anything you want to put it in oron.

Scout Jem and dill make a play about?

Boo Radley's life. (: The stories Scout, Jem, and Dill heard about Boo Radley were more of exaggerations and were also bogus. There are parts of the book that Harper Lee tells the audience indirectly that Boo radley's characteristics contrast the rumors about him.

What makes a weed a weed?

What makes a weed a weed is that a weed is an unplanned plant suchas a dandelion. Even a useful plant is a weed if it comes up in thewrong place but most weeds are plants that have no use to humansand interfere in some way with human intentions.

What makes a plant a weed?

A weed is any plant that is growing in a place that it is not wanted. Even beneficial plants can be weeds. A couple of examples are mint and basil. They can spread to areas where they are not wanted and become pests (weeds).

How did Dill make Scout happy?

Scout Finch was in love with Dill Harris, young as she was, and so just being around him made her happy. She enjoyed the way he told stories, his sense of mystery and adventure, and how fun to be around he always was.

Can you use oak leaves in the making of dill pickles?

The USDA does not recommend it. If you want to ensure crispy pickles follow the directions for making pickles at the National Center for Home Food Preservation (NCHFP) website, it is an excellent source for current research-based recommendations for most methods of home food preservation.

Can smoking weed make you pass out?

What makes you pass out is the lack of oxygen you get if your taking to many hits too quickly and not breathing in between them or if you hold it in for long enough and you pass out from oxygen deficicency.

Can weed stems make you sterile?

no if that was true that would be another issue to over-come for the legalization on marijuanna in the United States. I'm sure if over a long period of time (15+ years), it could possibly make you less prone to pregnancy meaning not so easy to impregnate but the whole being completely sterile is ju (MORE)

Does weed make you passionate for it?

Well I've been smoking weed for about 3 years, I do love it, but only about 8% of daily smokers get addicted. I smoke about 4 times a week and never really feel the strong urge to buy more.

Where does dill weed grow?

"Dill weed" is kind of an archaic name for it, it is properly called simply "Dill", and it will grow well anywhere corn or tomatoes will grow well in summer weather.

How do you make weed eater bike?

Buy a motor made for a bicycle and install it. Not rocket science here. This requires welding and metal fabrication skills. I recommend you take a basic welding course and a basic small engine repair course to get the skills needed for this job.

How do people make weed?

Marijuana isn't made in a lab or bathtub like meth or crack. Pot is a plant, and grows like any other plant.

Can weed make your pain worse?

Nope! Only better that is why many doctor prescribe it to their patients who are very sick and on the road to death. It makes them more calm. It is also frequently used with Cancer paitients to encrease their appetite, along with ease the pain.

Can you make weed tea with shake?

Yes, it can be made from any part of the plant, however the thc is greatly reduced, and the Taste isn't near as pleasant as other teas. If you were going to Ty to make this, I would suggest letting the bud/leaf/shake etc. dry out with some jasmine or spearmint to give it a better taste.

How do you make chocolate weed cakes?

Make a normal cake, I assume you know how to do this. You must add 100g aprox. Worth of weed. Bake the cake as normal, then stick some candles on the top for that fresh, weedy smell. Alternatively, you can just ask Justin bieber

What ingredients are needed to make dill sauce?

While there are varying methods of making a dill sauce, the one ingredient that is mandatory is the dill herb itself. Some varieties call for ingredients like sour cream and horseradish. Others use yogurt or mayonnaise.

Can you make weed from home weed?

You can't "make weed" from anything. The only way have your own supply of free weed is to grow marijuana then follow proper harvesting, drying and curing techniques. However, growing marijuana is extremely illegal and you will go to jail if you are caught.

What can I substitute for dill weed in a recipe?

Dill weed is a very unique ingredient. It has a very pungent aromaand flavor unlike any other. It is sometimes found as fresh pottedplants, in plastic containers, or as a paste in tubes found in theproduce section of your local grocery store. Depending on therecipe that is being prepared, dill can b (MORE)