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What can you substitute for dried beef?

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What can you use as a substitute for dried mint?

  A very common substitute for dried mint in savory dishes is dried basil. I would recommend, however, that one forage or purchase fresh mint [it is very common] and just

How do you make dried beef?

Marinate very thinly sliced lean beef. Using wire rack, lay beef out on rack and place in oven set at 125F Leave oven door ajar slightly for air circulation. Beef will t

Can you substitute beef consomme for beef broth?

When beef is boiled and the liquid is strained it renders a stock. The stock can then be fortified with other flavors (vegetables and/or herbs) to make broth. Sort of like a w

What can be used as a substitute for ground beef?

You could use ground chicken, or turkey as a substitute. Or ground lamb & ground pork. or ground bison too.

What is a good substitute for dried apricots?

Any number of dried fruits might serve as a fitting substitute for dried apricots. If you wanted to keep in the same family, you might try dried peaches or nectarines. Even dr

Is beef jerky dried by the sun?

No it is not. It is dried with salts and heat. The only reason people dry out beef is to dehydrate the bacteria on the meat so it will not spoil. The sun would not be fast eno

Can you substitute beef stew for beef broth?

Not really. Beef Stew normally has cooked vegetables and beef broth is a dark clear liquid. You probably should use beef broth. You can purchase beef broth in stores or make i