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What can you use as a substitute for oil in cornbread?

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Butter, margarine, shortening, melt and let cool. For most things, fat is fat and will produce pretty much the same product. This works for replacing oil, the reverse is not always true. You wouldn't want to use oil in place of butter in sugar cookies.
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Can olive oil be used as a substitute for canola oil in frying shrimp cakes?

  If you're deep frying, no- olive oil burns at a lower temp than canola. If you're pan-frying you could, but keep in mind that olive oil will impart flavor that is likely

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Can canola oil be used as a substitute instead of vegetable oil?

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What can you use as a substitute for vegetable oil when making mayonnaise?

  I'm afraid that you have to use some kind of oil. Olive oil is probably the best, although any kind of vegetable or fruit or nut oil will do. The oil combines with the y

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