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What can you use to replace cornbread crumbs?

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usually any broken up bread
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Can you use white cornmeal for cornbread?

Yes, you can :). The first time I ever had homemade cornbread, they had used white cornmeal. I've also actually used Masa Harina flour ( like what you use to make tortillas) i

Can baking soda be used instead of baking powder in a cornbread recipe?

It can be, but only use about half as much baking soda as you would baking powder. Also, baking soda should be mixed with Cream of Tartar to help it work. 2 parts baking sod

Can you use condensed milk instead of regular milk for cornbread?

You can but mix it 50/50 with water first. Condensed milk has sugar added, so reduce any sugar you might add, if you use sugar, by about 1 tablespoon for each can of condensed

Is cornbread a starch?

  Unfortunately, yes.

Do you have to refrigerate cornbread?

Depends on if you used dairy products in the recipe. If you used milk or cheese...I would say refrigerate it just to be safe. :)

Is cornbread delicious?


Do you need to use flour to crumb chicken?

  Answer   Probably an egg wash would make the crumbs stick, if that's what you're trying. Mix an egg with a tbsp of water.

How do you use panko bread crumbs?

You can use it to coat foods you plan to fry instead of regular bread crumbs or flour. It makes the coating extra crispy.

How do you replace cornmeal in cornbread?

  By definition, cornbread must be made with cornmeal. Cornbread without cornmeal is a biscuit. And that is not necessarily a bad thing. You could take a biscuit recipe (I

Can bread crumbs be used instead of cornstarch?

No. Cornstarch is generally used as a thickening agent in sauces and gravies. You will lose that thickening property if you use bread crumbs. Depending on the recipe, you ma
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What can you use as a substitute for oil in cornbread?

Butter, margarine, shortening, melt and let cool. For most things, fat is fat and will produce pretty much the same product. This works for replacing oil, the reverse is not a

What is crumbing a table?

It is to remove crumbs from the table. Such as "The waiter crumbed the table."