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What causes AIDS?

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Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is caused by a virus called human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Like other viruses, HIV can be transmitted from host to host. The main routes of HIV transmission are sexual contact, sharing contaminated needles, and transmission from mother to child (eg, via breast milk or during delivery of the child).
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What are the causes of AIDS and HIV?

HIV infection is caused by coming in contact with infected body fluids (blood, semen, vaginal fluid or breast milk.) HIV is the virus that causes a person to develop AIDS. A

What causes AIDS and how is it spread?

AIDS is caused by HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) HIV destroys the CD4 count,CD4 are the cells that locate and coordinate the destruction of infections. A person is classif

Does homosexuality cause AIDS?

Homosexuality didn't cause AIDS. AIDS had been spotted years before the "spread" of homosexuality. However, receptive anal sex is the most likely way to get HIV, with odds >50

How did France aid the Patriot cause?

By forming an alliance with the Patriot's to beat Britain. The French secretly supplied money and arms to the Americans. The French did not want to take an open stand in case

What is the causative agent of AIDS?

HIV is the causative agent for AIDS. It attacks the T Cells of the  body.

How much semen causes AIDs?

  any amount. It transfers HIV, can be just a tiny drop to a large amount, it doesn't matter.     {Additional Answer}   Semen does not "cause" AIDS. Many scien

Can saliva causes HIV aids?

Yes, but it would take an ENORMOUS amount of saliva to transmit the virus. Like a few hundred gallons.

Is sex in ass cause aids?

Unprotected anal intercourse does transmit HIV. Wear condoms.

What is AIDS caused by?

AIDS is caused by HIV    HIV can be caused by these things:    sharing a needle with someone (using drugs)  having sex with someone who has aids  If a woman is

What is the causes of AIDS?

You get HIV (the virus) if someone who is infected, gets any of their body fluids into your system (not including Saliva). HIV later becomes AIDS. A person can have the HIV vi

What causes aids in Africa?

Lack of education about the disease and preventative methods is causing the spread of AIDS. Also womens rights issues. There is a high rate of sexual assault in Africa. Concer
In Monkeys

Did monkeys cause AIDS?

Yes, some monkeys in europe. Men had sexual intercourse with monkey and disease like AIDS. The disease then mutated slightly and was then passed on from human to human