What causes spiciness to increase?

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if you add more spices to it
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Does spicy food causes pimples?

it a;ll depends on the person. but usually no spicy food does not cause acne. but tom likes to take franks red hot sauce on his dick and have tim lick it off but the sauce gives tom pimples on his dick

Why your penis tip causes burning sensation on urinating after eating spicy food?

The penis is extremely well innervated and sensitive to both mechanical (touch) and chemical stimuli. If you eat a lot of very spicy food, the capsaicin (the chemical that causes chiles to be spicy) is not completely metabolized and broken down and like other waste products is excreted both through (MORE)

Does spicy food increase metabolism?

It is said that spicy food will increase metabolism. Apparently,the spice raises the body temperature, which helps to raisemetabolism. This in turn burns calories faster.

What causes tax increases?

Our Government needs more revenue to pay for the services and program that are being provided to the public and the tax rates are increased to raise the additional revenue. And the elected officials increase the income tax rates to increase the amount of revenue that is needed for our Government t (MORE)

What causes an increase in prolactin?

Prolactin is the hormone secreted in high levels by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you were recently pregnant, this could be the reason. Men also secrete this hormone but in very small amounts. It could be a pituitary adenoma. I just had an MRI a couple of weeks ago to rule it out becau (MORE)

What has caused the world's temperature to increase?

GLOBAL WARMING! Due to the released greenhouse gases trapped in Earth's atmosphere, deforestation and other factors, the increasing amount of greenhouse gases, e.g. carbon dioxide..., has trapped heat from the Sun from prevented it from exiting the atmosphere, causing the temperature in the world to (MORE)

What causes the Libor to increase or decrease?

The Libor rise is simply the result of continued concern over the health of the banking system. Banks are demanding higher rates to lend to each other. In fact, the term Libor markets have effectively seized up with very little trading happening

Why does spicy food increase heart rate?

\nThe reason that spicy food effects the heart rate is mainly because you are scared and exited when you try the hot sauce, causing you to panic, that increases the heart rate. Also the chemicals in it cause your heart rate to rise.

Do spicy foods really cause weight loss?

No. The spices in the food have no bearing on whether the food helps you lose weight or not. Calorie intake and physical activities are what determine weight loss. If you eat 4,000 Calories and burn 2,000 Calories then every two to three days you will gain 1 lb. (3,500 calories of stored body fat). (MORE)

What causes the increasing expansion of the universe?

It is generally believed that the expansion of the universe is the result of the initial "explosion" of the Big Bang -- the matter created then is still being propelled outwards in all directions. The above statement is simply false. The Big Bang was NOT an explosion of of matter into empty space, (MORE)

What causes crime rate to increase?

Crime rate is increased by lack of education , poverty and sometimes people are left with no option other than commiting crime. They are actually decreasing. Yes, they do alternate up and down over the years but overall they are declining.

What cause blood pressure to increase?

Lots of things. Most directly, an molecule called angiotensin doesso. There are two different forms of angiotensin, one being moreeffective than the other. There's a class of antihypertensive drugsthat work by inhibiting an enzyme called ACE that converts the lesseffective form into the more effecti (MORE)

Do spicy food or sweet food cause more saliva?

Some foods actually make you have more saliva because the food has natural bacteria i it.Spicy foods im not quite sure of because it is know more for a cleare upper of the ears and nose. YOgurt, flour and milk are a good example of lots of bacteria that will begin in your mouth. Ask your doctor for (MORE)

What caused the increase demand for slaves?

More farmers got the wretched idea to get slaves. It kept spreading farther and farther. The invention of the cotton gin also increased the demand for slaves to work in farms tending and harvesting the cotton.

Can spicy foods cause a heart attack?

No. If anything, spicy foods are shown in studies to REDUCE the risk of heart attack and stroke. If anything, some people get indigestion from spicy foods...which can FEEL like a heart attack.

What causes an increase in uric acid?

Sudden increases uf uric acid in the system can be caused by injury's, operations. binge drinking and eating purine rich foods such as offal meat oily fish ets,

What causes an increased rate of reaction?

Chemists can control rates of reactions by changing factors such as surface area, temperature, and concentration, and by using substances called catalysts and inhibitors.

What has caused an increase in greenhouse gases?

The two greenhouse gases that have increased in atmospheric concentration since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution are carbon dioxide and methane. Scientists have demonstrated that the 35 per cent increase in carbon dioxide atmospheric concentration has been largely due to burning fossil (MORE)

How much does the average heart rate increase when eating spicy food?

It depends on the person, but your heart rate seems to slow. In the related link it was stated that your heart actually beats faster because the capasicin in the red chili peppers brings your body's temperature up a bit. It also says that spicy food lowers your blood pressure and strengthens the w (MORE)

Do spicy foods cause heartburn?

Eating spicy foods can cause heartburn in some people, but not all. It all depends on the person and if they have a chronic condition. If a person gets heartburn frequently this could be a sign of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, or GERD. Otherwise, heartburn causes differ from person to person. It (MORE)

What causes the breathing rate to increase?

usually any type of physical activity...such as lifting weights or running and jogging..if you want a more scientific response then here it is....a heightened breathing rate is caused when the body detects that you are doing something (lets say you just started running) you will breath normally for (MORE)

What causes food to be spicy?

Spiciness is caused by capsaicin. This chemical triggersnociceptors, which are the nerve cells responsible for thesensation of pain from heat, which explains the burning feelingwhen you eat spicy food.

Do spicy foods cause sore throats?

Not really, no. Spicy foods would just cause your mouth to feel like it's on fire. But you can get heart-burn (or acid-reflux), which may cause a form of sore throat. That can easily be cured with pepto-bismal or a tums.

What were the causes of increased manufacturing in the us?

increased demand for manufactured products . increased supplies of adequately skilled labor . increased supply of raw materials . improved methods of transportation . improved methods of manufacturing . shortage of foreign products

What causes the plant to increase in height?

plants are kinda like humans. we grow as we get older, so plants grow as they get older. but if humans get too old they die.....plants grow on forever if they get taken care of. i wish i was a plant!

What cause a price to increase?

Prices generally are the result of the combined effect of supply and demand. Scarcity causes prices to rise, since there is more competition to obtain scarce items, and demand causes prices to rise, since people will be willing to pay more for something they strongly want.

What causes the buoyancy to increase or decrease?

Buoyancy force come from difference in density of the object and the surrounding. Buoyancy of the ship can change from the pay load inside its' space. More load per space reduce the buoyancy. For Balloon, buoyancy is change by increase temperature of gas inside to balloon since increase in temperat (MORE)

What causes pH to increase or decrease?

pH is based off the number of H + ions in a solution. An increase in pH shows that there are more free floating H + while a decrease means there are less H + ions.

What are the causes for increase in gold price?

As with anything the main driver of gold's price is supply and demand. If the supply is low or the demand is high then the price will go up. Now we have to throw in a third factor, speculation. Gold is sold and traded on the option market and there has been a great deal of gold options traded recent (MORE)