What clothes do people wear in England?

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What clothes do Buddhist in England wear?

they wear English Buddhist clothes Answer: With the exception of some Buddhist priests, monks and lamas Buddhists wear the clothing typical of their country. Scots Buddhist

What clothing do people in azerbaijan wear?

? Didn't get the question. You are curious about national costume or regular clothing? People wear whatever they like... some prefer to follow fashion trends... some don't

What clothes would you wear in June in England?

I have lived in England for 16 years so my whole life. It really depends, at this time of the year it is normally quite hot however, it can also rain and get windy so, if you

Why do British people wear the clothes they wear?

From the lighter side: It's because they are fickle! But seriously, folks: Sometimes, practicality is over-ridden by flair, whimsy, or political statement. As many peop