What competion did Thomas rose swimming winner of 1877 win?

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The winner was Alfred Hajos of Hungary in a time of 1:22.2.
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Is Kirsty Coventry competing in the Olympics from Zimbabwe in swimming?

%REPLIES%. Answer . Yes. She competes for Auburn University, and has won a Silver and Bronze medal for swimming, in the 2004 Olympics. These are Zimbabwe's 2nd and 3rd medals ever. The first was for field hockey, in 1980 (a boycotted Olympics).\n. \nFambai zhakanaka!. Answer . Her events we (MORE)

What countries competed in swimming events at Athens 2004?

Answer . \nThere were 202 countries in all competing in the Athens 2004 Summer Olympic Games. Those countries were (in alphabetical order):\n. \nAfghanistan\nAlbania\nAlgeria\nAmerican Samoa\nAndorra\nAngola\nAntigua and Barbuda\nArgentina\nArmenia\nAruba\nAustralia\nAustria\nAzerbaijan\nBahamas (MORE)

What did the winners of the first Olympics win?

Answer . well Olympic winners from Athens were paid a cash equivalent of five years earnings for a workingman and that didn't include other perks like a lifetime of free meals. "athlete" is derived from the ancient Greek meaning, "one who competes for a prize.

Did anyone compete with Thomas Edison?

Answer . One who competed in a big way with Edison was George Westinghouse. Edison championed the idea of using DC current while Westinghouse was developing an AC system. Copy and paste this link for more information:. http://www.georgewestinghouse.com/

Did the French win the Wars of the Roses?

No. The Wars of the Roses was a fight between the Lancaster & York claimants to the English throne. The succession of the crown at this time is very confused. Principally it involves the reign of Henrys IV V & VI, Edward IV &V & Richard III. In 1485 Henry VII wins the battle of Bosworth defeating Ri (MORE)

In what sort of race has the winner of the America's cup competed?

The winner of the America's Cup has competed in a sailing race thatoriginated in 1851 and continues to this day. The standard formatof the race involves two sailing yachts, one (the holder of theCup) as the defender and the other as the challenger. In recentyears, multiple challengers have been allo (MORE)

Who was the first Wimbledon winner in 1877?

Spencer William Gore ( March 10 , 1850 - April 19 , 1906 ) was a tennis player and cricketer for Surrey .. Gore was born and raised within a mile of the All England Croquet Club in Wimbledon Common , Surrey , and christened at St Mary's Church, Wimbledon [1] .. He was educated a (MORE)

How do you win a swimming event in the Olympics?

I'm going to assume you are just confused by the different "events" and that there may be different ways to win because honestly... you win by being faster than everyone else. After all, it is a "race".. Having said that, there are a lot of different "events" when it comes to swimming, each differe (MORE)

Where is a List of Rose Bowl winners?

Click on the 'Rose Bowl' link below to read a history of the game along with seeing all winners listed year by year. The information comes from answers.com.

Who do you compete in Synchronized Swimming?

Synchronized swimmers from different countries compete against each other. At the Olympics, eight countries swim for the same medals. Some colleges have synchro teams that compete against other college teams. Think of a synchro meet as being like a figure skating competition - everybody wants to be (MORE)

How do you compete in swimming?

You can join a local swim team. There are two kinds. For people who want to become good swimmers and are not that good at it, i would recommend doing a summer swim team, but if you are good and have been on the summer swim team, then join a year round swimming team. a web site i would recommend goin (MORE)

Is swimming an individual or do they compete in a team?

Swimming is interesting, as it can function as both an individual and team sport. In swim meets, the races are individual, and you are competing with swimmers from both the opposing team and your own team. You are also competing against your personal best time. However, the points you accrue from ho (MORE)

Who competes in synchronized swimming?

girls from ages 7+ normally and although boys are aloud to train ( though it is rare) they are not aloud to compete in any important competitions ( Spain are the only country with a man in there team and he is not marked for his performances)

Why did the tudors win the war of the roses?

Henry Tudor was able to defeat Richard III in the Battle ofBosworth Field. He had to continue securing his kingdom untildefeating local Yorkists is the final fight of the Wars of theRoses

What does the winner of the Boston Marathon win?

2013 Boston Marathon Reward Money . 1st - $150,000 . 2nd - $75,000 . 3rd - $40,000 . 4th - $25,000 . 5th - $15,000 . 6th - $12,000 . 7th - $9,000 . 8th - $7,400 . 9th - $5,700 . 10th - $4,200

What does the winner of the Chicago marathon win?

Samuel Wanjiru & Liliya Shobukhova each won $75,000 in prize money in 2010 as top finishers. In addition, they each received $40,000 bonuses for their finishing times. However every year, the total prize money depends upon the sponsorship funds received for the event.

Did The Rose win an Oscar?

No , The Rose was nominated for four Academy Awards (Oscar), but it did not win. . Best Actor in a Supporting Role - Frederic Forrest . Best Actress in a Leading Role - Bette Midler . Best Film Editing - Robert L. Wolfe & Carroll Timothy O'Meara . Best Sound - Theodore Soderberg, Douglas (MORE)

Who wins the wizard competion?

Justin wins but alex should've because she helped justin out of a branch then justin gives his powers to alex. Justin takes over for mr crump and max gets the sub station.

What are the rules for a win in swim?

to win in swim you should know backstock ,and swim faster in one minutes 50 metres long and if somebody dont knowto swim and is falling u should tell to not do anything he will come up in ten seconds

Did England win the war of roses?

The Wars of the Roses were civil wars where each faction wanted control over the crown of England. You could say England won the Wars of the Roses, but England also lost the wars.

What does a Miss America winner win?

the crown of course, and more than that the chance to be miss america and be named that should really just mean the most, i mean thats why were all here right? lol

Is competing and winning very important?

No, it isn't. Unless if you don't get 1st place in a competition, you will be shot in the head with a revolver. It's ok to fail at a competition. They aren't important anyways.

How old do you have to be to able to compete in swimming?

You can compete at swimming at a young age, I am 14 and have been swimming for 11 years and competing for 7/8 years. Lots of swimming clubs hold competitions for certain age groups. For instance an 8 year old would not be competing against a 12 year old. If you are talking about olympic swimming I'm (MORE)

What lane wins most in swimming?

The lane with the fastest swimmer in it! Organizers typically try to put the fastest swimmers in the center lanes, but it doesn't always work out that way.

Why do the same winners always win?

Winners win because they're good at what they do. They will only lose against someone better than they are. So, if they're not against someone better than them, they win.

Does swimming rhyme with winning?

No. They are close rhymes, meaning they almost rhyme, but are not exact rhymes. The words that rhyme with swimming would need the letter M in them and the words that rhyme with winning would need the letter N in them.