What conditions can babies be born with?

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Conditions that babies can be born with are blindness, congenital heart disease, muscular dystrophy, and down syndrome. Babies can also be born with Autism.
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How are the babies born?

Through vaginal birth or c-section where they cut open the stomach and take the baby out.

Where are babies born?

In humans and other mammals, babies are born through the birth canal, which is the path from the uterus through the vagina (taking the reverse course from the path initially t

How are their babies born?

When a male and a female get horny and sexual and lay down and the male sticks his dick and in a woman's vagina and gets her pregnant with have sperm and the female becomes pr

How are babies born and how do the babies live?

For humans to have a baby, a man and woman usually need to have sex, there are medical methods of impregnating a woman also, but that is another issue altogether. They may not

Where is a baby born?

Generally women go to hospitals at the onset of labor. Most all have a maternity ward for just that purpose.

How are babies born-?

Babies are born by their mothers after carrying them for a periodof 9 months. They can be born through the birth canal of the motheror through caesarean section operation.
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How did the living conditions in slums affect babies?

Poverty affects babies because they don't get the right medical care, food, live in dangerous conditions, unsanitary conditions, and may have parents unble to care for them fo