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Deborah Sampson contributed to the American Revolutionary War by becoming a solider. In order to accomplish this, she had to disguise herself as a man. She ended up serving in the army for 17 months.
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What are Deborah sampsons kids names?

Deborah Sampson had 4 kids and thier names were Earl,Mary,Patience and Susannah who she had adopted.

What was Deborah Sampson famous for?

she was famous for dressing up like a man to fight in the war

What is the quote from Deborah Sampson?

Now is the times that try mens souls :"I am indeed willing to acknowledge what I have done, an error and presumption. I will call it an error

Did Deborah Sampson get any awards?

Deborah Sampson served in the Revolutionary War for the Colonies in  1782-1783. She served as a man using her late brothers name Robert  Shurtliff. She never received any aw

Did Deborah Sampson have any animals?

She had a donkey that lived with her in her house. (Totally weird right? Women back then I'm tellin' ya.

What was facts about Deborah Sampson?

Deborah and her mother both had the same name , Deborah Sampson. Deborah Sampson used the name Robert Surtlieff for military it was also the name of her younger brother. Debor

Who was Deborah Sampson?

Deborah Sampson was a woman who wanted to fight in the  Revolutionary War, but they wouldn't let her because she was a  woman. She disguised herself as a man named Robert Sh

What was Deborah Sampson remembered for?

Why was she remembered for? She was a woman who foght in the continental war as a man named Robert shiftliffe.

What were the accomplishments of Deborah Sampson?

Deborah Sampson Revolutionary War hero, lecturer, and patriot. Born into a Massachusetts family that were direct descendants from the Mayflower. Sampson spent a difficult chil