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What could be the cause of bleeding from the anus in cats?

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Worms is the most common cause if its young, otherwise you should take the cat to the vet
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What could be the cause of three nose bleeds in the last two days and today a blood clot came out while your nose was bleeding and should you worry?

  Answer   It could be because of dry air. If your nose gets dry, the membranes burst which causes your nose to bleed. It looks like more blood than it actually is. (MORE)

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What could be wrong if you are cramping but not bleeding?

  Answer   It's not unheard of for period like cramping to occur as early as 7-14 days before your period. However the cramping may be caused by a UTI, approaching p (MORE)

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Could high blood pressure cause your eyes to bleed?

  Answer   In the back of the eye ball there are blood vessels. These blood vessels are quite fragile. If the blood pressure is very high, it can result in these blo (MORE)

Epistaxis or Nose Bleeds

Epistaxis is the medical term used to describe a "nose-bleed". Epistaxis most commonly occurs following some type of trauma to the anterior portion of the nose. Trauma to the (MORE)

Post-Coital Reds: Bleeding After Sex

You've just enjoyed some time in the bedroom with your significant other. You use the washroom shortly after and find some blood on the toilet paper, or maybe you find some sp (MORE)

Is Your Baby Safe? Bleeding During Pregnancy

You're excited - you have discovered you're pregnant and you are in awe that there is a tiny person growing inside you. But one day you are shocked to find a spot of red on yo (MORE)

An Untimely Spot of Red: Bleeding Between Periods

You're used to seeing those red spots every 28 days, give or take a few. But what if you see blood when you're really not supposed to? Bleeding between periods is never normal (MORE)

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What problems could be caused by bringing in domestic cats?

Domestic cats may cause allergies to those around them because of  the dander they produce. They may also cause damage to property  because of the need to sharpen their claw (MORE)

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Do cats bleed when they go into heat?

No, cats should not bleed when they are in heat. A cat's cycle is not like a human cycle where we shed the uterus lining each month; an in-season cat is ready to mate, not to (MORE)

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Why do cats ears bleed?

Your cat probably has an infestation of mites or fleas - take your friend to the veterinarian for professional care .
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