What could be the cause of bleeding from the anus in cats?

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Worms is the most common cause if its young, otherwise you should take the cat to the vet
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What could cause a cat to bleed from the rectum?

Answer . \nIf it's a male cat it's usually a sign of rape from another male.\nIf the bleeding is heavy you'd have to take it to the vet as it could be a sign of amongst ot

Can Heroin causes bleeding of the anus and why?

Yes it can because taking heroin while being addicted to it and then suddenly stopping can cause hemorrhaging and this can cause renal failure or a gastrointestinal bleed.

Why am I bleeding from my anus?

You are suffering from the early warning signs of the medical condition Pink Sock. Hi, it all depends on how old your dog is, i brought my dog at the age of 8 weeks and it was

What causes bleeding from anus?

Bleeding from the anus can be caused by a couple of things. The first is hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are inflamed, irritated blood vessels in the rectum. Sometimes they can bl

Can whipping your anus cause it to get irratated and bleed?

Any whipping can result in bleeding if it is hard enough and long enough. So, anal whipping should be started gradually, both in force and duration. A single tail whip could c

What causes the anus to bleed after a bowel movement?

One common cause of bleeding after a bowel movement is from trying to force out hard stool. If you have constipation, you need to increase your intake of water and fluids to p

What will cause a cat to bleed from his bottom?

Your cat may have something wrong internally. Bring it to the vet to be looked over. Ps. If your cat is female, and is not 'fixed' then you have nothing to worry about most

Your cats bleeding what could that be?

If your cat is bleeding from their skin than they may have hurt themselves or been in a fight with another cat. If they are bleeding in there urine than they most likely have
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Can meth cause bleeding of the anus and why?

Methamphetamine abuse affects the entire arterial system and may involve the colon, it's called hematochezia, it has happened to me a few times now and I got worried enough to