What could be the cause of bleeding from the anus in cats?

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Worms is the most common cause if its young, otherwise you should take the cat to the vet
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What could be the cause of three nose bleeds in the last two days and today a blood clot came out while your nose was bleeding and should you worry?

  Answer   It could be because of dry air. If your nose gets dry, the membranes burst which causes your nose to bleed. It looks like more blood than it actually is. (MORE)

What could be the cause of two severe nose bleeds in two days also passing blood clots?

  You could have a superficial blood vessel in the back of your nose that can be sensitive to every sneeze, itch, congestion, etc. It can always be there but not pose as a (MORE)

Could high blood pressure cause your eyes to bleed?

  Answer   In the back of the eye ball there are blood vessels. These blood vessels are quite fragile. If the blood pressure is very high, it can result in these blo (MORE)

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Do cats bleed when they go into heat?

No, cats should not bleed when they are in heat. A cat's cycle is not like a human cycle where we shed the uterus lining each month; an in-season cat is ready to mate, not to (MORE)

Why do cats ears bleed?

Your cat probably has an infestation of mites or fleas - take your friend to the veterinarian for professional care .
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