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What could be the cause of bleeding from the anus in cats?

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Worms is the most common cause if its young, otherwise you should take the cat to the vet
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Can whipping your anus cause it to get irratated and bleed?

  Any whipping can result in bleeding if it is hard enough and long enough. So, anal whipping should be started gradually, both in force and duration. A single tail whip c

What could it mean if some skin from your anus hangs out and sometimes bleeds?

  Answer   You have hemorrhoids!   Answer     Rectal polyps are another possibility though hemorrhoids are the likely culprit. A "sitz" bath (a few inches

What does it mean bleeding from your anus after you poo?

You didn't say if there was a lot of blood or just a little after wiping, so I'll put this out there in the event it pertains to your problem. If the blood is a bright red col

Could high blood pressure cause your eyes to bleed?

  Answer   In the back of the eye ball there are blood vessels. These blood vessels are quite fragile. If the blood pressure is very high, it can result in these blo

What causes bleeding from anus?

  Bleeding from the anus can be caused by a couple of things. The first is hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are inflamed, irritated blood vessels in the rectum. Sometimes they c

Why does your anus bleed?

Anal bleeding can be one of the following: A cut caused by rough anal sex or rough anal masturbation. You should see a doctor, because cuts in the anus can very easily become

What will happen if you are bleeding from your anus?

It depends on what caused the bleeding. If it's from hemhorroids, it is common and not too big a deal. If something was poked in there, it could be a tear or puncture of the g

What causes the anus to bleed after a bowel movement?

One common cause of bleeding after a bowel movement is from trying to force out hard stool. If you have constipation, you need to increase your intake of water and fluids to p

Why do you bleed from your anus?

Most commonly due to a fissure - because of constipation. Other more serious causes could be Hemorrhoids, IBD or Crohn's disease.

Can meth cause bleeding of the anus and why?

Methamphetamine abuse affects the entire arterial system and may involve the colon, it's called hematochezia, it has happened to me a few times now and I got worried enough to

What makes your anus bleed?

Usually it's to do with excessive rawness, whether from undergarments or toilet tissue, etc. If it's just spotting you shouldn't have anything to worry about. If it's persiste

What could cause your inner ear to bleed and be in pain?

  My ear was itching in the night and I used a Q-tip to itch it. I did not put it in the Q-tip in very far but when I got up I looked down in the trash can and saw blood o

Fish bleeding from gills and anus?

  Something terrible has happened to the fish either physically or environmentally. The first thing to do is look for other external damage like missing scales, torn fins