What countries are in Africa and what is famous about Africa?

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There are 53 countries in Africa and around 53 islands, although some arent really a part of Africa
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What country is in Africa?

Africa has many countries; . Morocco, Algeria, Tunisha, Libya, Egypt, Western Sahara, Maurtania, Mali, Niger, Chad, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Nigeria, Namibia

What is Africa famous for?

i like chocolate [: and waffles. mainly blue waffles. and lemon parties. man are you moist.

Who are famous in Africa?

Sarkodie, P-Square, Mzbel, seth baah, sonnie badu, D-Cryme, King MO Joe, Becca, and too much more. for more information go on ghanamv.com or youtube

What is famous about Africa?

Africa has much history, fantastic wildlife. The first humans known by science were from Africa, and many ancient civilizations started there.

Is South Africa a country of Africa?

South Africa is a country located at the very south end of the continent of Africa. It is a large country and is arguably considered the economic powerhouse of the African con

Why is Africa famous?

mostly famous for its lagerness or its famos for its slaves back before 1960 before President Lincoin came. ( i don't know how i knew that :) i just did) or its famuos for how

Is South Africa a famous country?

Yes it is for its slightly torrid racial past for Nelson Mandela and for hosting the 2010 world cup and winning 2 rugby world cups as well as many other things that its well k