What countries are in Africa and what is famous about Africa?

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In Africa
There are 53 countries in Africa and around 53 islands, although some arent really a part of Africa
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Is Africa a country?

Africa is not a country, it is a continent , like Europe, Asia, Australia, Antarctica, South America and North America. "South Africa" is a country within Africa. The continent of Africa has 54 recognized countries in it, including Madasgascar and several small island nations. There are French i (MORE)

What are the countries in Africa?

Algeria (People's Democratic Republic of Algeria) . Angola (Republic of Angola) . Benin (Republic of Benin) . Botswana (Republic of Botswana) . Burkina Faso . Burundi (Republic of Burundi) . Cameroon (Republic of Cameroon) . Cape Verde (Republic of Cape Verde) . Central African Republic (Cen (MORE)

What is the most famous animal in Africa?

The most famous animals of Africa are the Big Five game: Lions, African Elephants, Leopards, Cape Buffalos, and Rhinoceros. There are no tigers that are native to Africa.

What is a famous desert in africa?

The most famous desert in Africa must be the Sahara desert.However, the Kalahari desert is also quite popular and is based inAfrica as well.

Famous food in Africa?

Some famous African dishes include alloco, which is a friedplantain dish. Another famous African dishes is wat. Wat is currythat is prepared with various meats.

What country is in Africa?

Africa has many countries; . Morocco, Algeria, Tunisha, Libya, Egypt, Western Sahara, Maurtania, Mali, Niger, Chad, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Nigeria, Namibia, Zambia, Madsgascar.... there are many many more. . Those countries are just some of the countries.

What famous landforms are in Africa?

There are several famous landforms in Africa. These include theCongo River Basin, the Sahara Desert, the Atlas Mountains, and theGreat Rift Valley.

Who are famous in Africa?

Sarkodie, P-Square, Mzbel, seth baah, sonnie badu, D-Cryme, King MO Joe, Becca, and too much more. for more information go on ghanamv.com or youtube

What are some famous places in Africa?

The Pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt The Victoria Falls Table Mountain in Cape Town Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania The River Nile The Sahara Desert Etosha Pan The Serngeti Plains

What countrys are in Africa?

The countries in Africa are as follows: . Algeria . Angola . Benin . Botswana . Burkina Faso . Burundi . Cameroon . Cape Verde . Central African Republic . Chad . Comoros . Cote d'Ivoire . Democratic Republic of Congo . Djibouti . Egypt . Equatorial Guinea . Eritrea . Ethiopia . (MORE)

Is South Africa the richest country in Africa?

No, surprisingly not. 1.Equatorial Guinea - GDP per capita: $30,200 2.Botswana - GDP per capita: $15,800 3.Gabon - GDP per capita: $14,900 4.Libya - GDP per capita: $14,900 5.South Africa - GDP per capita: $10,400

Countries are in Africa?

Africa is a continent so yes there are Many countries in Africa Africa is either bigger than Europe or Africa. Africa is as varied as any continent; might it be on culture (ethnicity), language(french, english, spanish, portuguese, many others) or anything else

Famous people born in africa?

A very broad question given that Africa is a fairly large place andthat there have been thousands of "famous Africans" over the pastfew thousand years. Some of the more famous names that you maybe able to place are: Ramses 1 and 2, Tutankhamen, Nefertiti, Cleopatra (of AncientEgypt) Charka (Sou (MORE)

Why is Africa not a country?

Africa is not a country because it is a continent in which many countries are located.. There is only one continent that contains only one country. That is Australia, the smallest inhabited continent

Famous foods of South Africa?

South Africans most famous food is the traditional Biltong and Dried Fruit Snack, other famous foods are the Boerewors, Bunny Chow, Potjiekos

Which country is the smallest country in africa?

Seychelles. It is an island country spanning an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, some 1,500 kilometres (932 miles) east of mainland Africa, northeast of the island of Madagascar. Other nearby island countries and territories include Zanzibar to the west, Mauritius, Rodrigues, Agalega (MORE)

What is famous about Africa?

Africa has much history, fantastic wildlife. The first humans known by science were from Africa, and many ancient civilizations started there.

Is South Africa a country of Africa?

South Africa is a country located at the very south end of the continent of Africa. It is a large country and is arguably considered the economic powerhouse of the African continent. It is known officially as The Republic of South Africa, or RSA for short. South Africa has neighbouring countries (MORE)

What is the two famous landmarks of Africa?

These are a couple of famous "structure" landmarks: . Abu Simbel, Egypt . The Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx, Egypt . The Temple at Karnak, Egypt These are are famous "natural" landmarks: . The Nile River . The Sahara Desert . The Kalahari Desert . Mount Kilimanjaro . Lake Vi (MORE)

Famous center of learning in Africa?

One famous center of learning in Africa--and also a center ofChristianity--was Carthage in North Africa. At the time of St.Augustine, it was the center of both leisure and learning in thenorthern part of the continent.

What is the famous lake in South Africa?

hi i think Knysna National Lake is famous lake in south africa. Lake Chrissie (the largest freshwater lake in South Africa and better known as Chrissiesmeer) to know more information http://www.smarthoteldeals.com/

Is the Titanic famous for africa?

Titanic famous worldwide, including Africa. In South Africa, Gino Hart has built an enormous replica of hermade of tin and calls it "Tintanic".

Why is Africa famous?

mostly famous for its lagerness or its famos for its slaves back before 1960 before President Lincoin came. ( i don't know how i knew that :) i just did) or its famuos for how people live mostly without eletricty well there is hundreds of reasons Africa is famous ( to some people Asia is famous) wel (MORE)

What are the most famous dishes of Africa?

There is Banana( Matooke), rice, cassava,posho and sweet potatoes togather with ground nut sauce and beans plus green vegetables like the colards commonly called sukuma wiki.

What famous monuments are in South Africa?

There are a number of monuments: The Castle (Cape Town) The Voortrekker Monument (Pretoria) The 4 Pretoria Forts Rhodes memorial (Cape Town) The Afrikaans Taal Monument (Paarl) French Hugenot Monument (Franschhoek) Dick King (Durban) The horse (Port Elizabeth) Donkin (PE) The kruithuis (MORE)

What is the south of Africa famous for?

South Africa is famous for The world cup 2010, Nelson Mandela, Apartheid, Table Mountain, Wildlife, Joannasburg (One of the most violent countries in the world and its poor people.

Which countries are in Africa?

The countries in Africa are as follows: . Algeria . Angola . Benin . Botswana . Burkina Faso . Burundi . Cameroon . Cape Verde . Central African Republic . Chad . Comoros . Cote d'Ivoire . Democratic Republic of Congo . Djibouti . Egypt . Equatorial Guinea . Eritrea . Ethiopia . G (MORE)

What are famous sites of South Africa?

IN JoBurg I will recommend the Kruger National Park in a town called Mpumalunga! Beautiful and culturally rich place. Just dont go out at night! I used my points from RCI and there was enough to do behind those gates to keep you happy. Enjoy! Also, in Cape Town: You must go to Cape Point and Table (MORE)

Why is Africa a country?

Africa is not a country. It is a continent. It has over 50countries in it. See the related question below.

Is South Africa a famous country?

Yes it is for its slightly torrid racial past for Nelson Mandela and for hosting the 2010 world cup and winning 2 rugby world cups as well as many other things that its well known for such as safari parks and drugs and slums and crime

How did King Africa become famous?

King Africa became famous with his 1993 album El Africano, which attained platinum status in Argentina and Chile. In 2000 he released La Bomba, which achieved top-ten status in several European countries. It is the 807th bestselling single of all time in France.

What is one famous landmark of Africa?

Generally accepted to be the longest river in the world, theNile is in Africa. . Named by the explorer John Hanning Speke, Lake Victoria isAfrica's largest lake. . Boasting three volcanic cones, Mount Kilimanjaro stands tall asAfrica's highest mountain.