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What countries border belarus?

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5 lativa & lithuania to the north russia to the east ukraine to the south poland to the west
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How many years has Belarus been a country?

    Belarus     It's hard to answer this question, as attitudes are coloured by nationalism. The term (in various transliterations and translations) has been

What country is Belarus close to?

The post-Soviet satellite state of Belarus is near to many other former Soviet Union states. Bordered by Russia to the north and east, Ukraine to the south, Poland to the west

What countries have ruled belarus?

Kievan Rus' (ruled from Kiev but contained most of modern day Ukraine, Belarus, and some of Western Russia), The Grand Duchy of Lithuania (Lithuania), The Polish-Lithuanian Co

What Countries share a border with Belarus?

Belarus shares a border with the following: Latvia and Lithuania to the northwestPoland to the westRussia to the eastUkraine to the south