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What country has the strictest emission standards for automobiles?

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United states
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The Saab automobile is manufactured in which country?

Saab currently produce the 9-3 and 9-5 at their trollhaten plant in Sweden and Saabs new 9-4X will be produced in Mexico. In the past the 900/9-3 convertables have been made i

In what country was the automobile invented?

Invention of the Automobile The automobile was officially was invented in Germany by Karl Benz and Gotlieb Daimler. The car was called the Mercedes and was the world's first c

What country has the strictest gun laws?

The UK, Japan, Sweden, Singapore, Malaysia, and Germany Actually Greece has the strictest. Anyone applying for a licence has to undergo strict examinations by a psychiatrist a

What are CO2 emissions and why are they important to the country?

Answer   CO2 = Carbon Dioxide. This is the gas that plants breath is part of make-up of the atmosphere. This is why it is important to replace the trees when they are cut

How did automobiles change the American standard of living?

When Henry Ford invented the production line it allowed him to charge less for his auto's, thus mobilizing America. which means more product at less cost everywhere.

Which country has the strictest animal abuse laws?

It's hard to measure one country against another, because while one country may be strict about one abuse issue, it may not be in another. No one country has strict enough le

Which country has the strictest copyright laws?

Most countries' laws are very similar, based on the Berne Convention. The US and several others have extended protection from life + 50 years to life + 70 years for works of a