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What country has the strictest emission standards for automobiles?

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United states
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When KOH absorbs CO2 can this concept be used to control emission of CO2 from automobiles?

Definately, CO2 absorbed by KOH or NaOH. But it require enormously large quantity of KOH or NaOH. KOH is more effective to absorb CO2, because NaOH also absorb water. So I d

What is the difference between ambient standards and emission limits?

An ambient standard is a never-exceed level for some pollutant in the ambient environment. For example, an ambient standard for dissolved oxygen in a particular river may be s

The Saab automobile is manufactured in which country?

Saab currently produce the 9-3 and 9-5 at their trollhaten plant in Sweden and Saabs new 9-4X will be produced in Mexico. In the past the 900/9-3 convertables have been made i

Which country is the biggest contributor to global warming and carbon emissions?

In terms of total emissions, China is the largest producer of carbon dioxide emissions, followed by the United States. However, China is well down the list in terms of emiss

What country has the strictest gun laws?

The UK, Japan, Sweden, Singapore, Malaysia, and Germany Actually Greece has the strictest. Anyone applying for a licence has to undergo strict examinations by a psychiatrist a

Why is standard meridian important for a country?

to avoid difficulties of the travellers , a uniform time is selected for the whole country

What is the strictest school in the world?

miss edgar's and miss cramp's school or selwyn house school extremely strict.