What credit score do you need to get a new car financed?

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It varies according to the dealer.
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How much can buying a new car lower your credit score?

Buying a new car changes what's called your utilization ratio. Thisis the amount of debt you to the amount of credit you haveavailable. The lower your ratio, the better it is

Can you buy a new car with a 510 credit score?

YES - you can. Your first option should be some dealer that offers "BUY HERE-PAY HERE" deals on good used cars. There's alot of them around and they will usually allow you to

What is the credit score you need for a car loan?

Unfortunately (for borrowers) some car dealerships will give a loan to anyone regardless of credit score. The problem you'll face is that you'll get unfavorable loan terms - s

What does your credit score need to be to be approved for a car lease?

Want to purchase a new car but don't have the enough money to buy it, don't worry there are certain things you can do to buy that car and adjust to pay for it on monthly basis

What credit score is needed to finance a 30000 dollar car?

Having a credit score below 680 will make it difficult to finance a$30,000 car, as you will most likely have to purchase premiuminsurance. This can range from 6.5-12.9%. If yo

What minimum credit score is required to get financing for a good used car?

Generally used car financing requires a credit score of 680 or higher to be sure to be approved and get reasonable rates. If you are obtaining financing directly from the sell