What date was the date when Kris Allen made it through the American Idol auditions?

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June 26, 2008
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What are the dates and locations of the 2008 American idol auditions?

The Season 7 (2007-2008) American Idol audition locations and dates were as follows:. San Diego, California - Qualcomm Stadium - July 30, 2007 - 31 qualified for the next round . Dallas, Texas - Texas Stadium - August 6, 2007 - 24 qualified for the next round . Omaha, Nebraska - Qwest Center - Au (MORE)

What are the dates and locations for the 2010 American idol auditions?

They have not been announced nor has the American Idol season 9 been sold as a show yet. That is because nobody can predict just how many viewers they will get from this season and what budget they will have to work with if they do more shows. They may decide to change the audition process based on (MORE)

Will Kris Allen win American idol?

Yes, cause he deserves to win and all you Adam Lambert fans can go crying to your mommy's and crawl into a hole with your black nail polish on just like Adam Lambert!!!!!!!!!!!! HA HA Haha just kidding Adam Lambert rocks and nobody can change that so if you think Kris Allen won you are wrong Adam d (MORE)

Will Kris win American Idol?

absolutely not.. Adam is deffinately going to win!!!!go Adam!!!!!! jk jk!!!!!!!! i love Kris of couse he will he is hot he can sing and he don't wear no make-up go Kris Allen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What did Kris Allen sing when he won American idol?

he sang a song that was co-written by kara dioguardi called no boundaries. he had sung it the night before also, and so had adam. i think (but you will have to check this) that he has a contract to sing it on his debut album.

Is it right that Kris Allen won American Idol?

NO WAY!! Adam Lambert was a waaaaay better singer evn though Kris was cute! but I guess it is a matter of oppinion. All the same, it is how America voted. Answer: Yes. I believe that it was,and there isn't any arguing with that because that is how America voted.

On which date Indian idol 2010 audition are going on?

Hi this is Suree here, I want to know when INDIAN IDOL-5, auditions are going to be held? Plase answer fo this. Thank you. (Suree) See the Dates at http://watchindianidol2010.blogspot.com/2010/02/indian-idol-5-dates-and-venue.html

Indian idol 5 calcutta audition date?

IN KOLKATA INDIAN IDOL AUDITION TAKES PLACE AT 3 & 4 MARCH...... ON 3 AUDITION OPEN TO 9 am - 6 pm & ON 4 " " " " " " " open to 8 am - 12 noon......

Indian idol 5 auditions date in Delhi?

Indian Idol 5 Auditions Locations and Dates for Indian Idol 5 Auditions. Kolkata : 3-4 March Delhi : 9-10 March Indore : 15 March Ahmedabad : 19 March Mumbai : 23-24 March.

Who is Simon dating from American Idol?

well... if you watched the season final when lee dewyze won,(i beLeeve that Lee is Dewyze choice!)you would know. if you didnt see this, look it up on youtube or somethin'. Besides,it's none of your buisness to know who "Simon is dating from American idol anyway, mister nosy!!