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Homer described Helen of Troy (in Greek, Ἑλένη, Helénē) as "white-armed, long-robed and richly-tressed." True to her reputation she was an otherworldly beauty that men and women alike found breathtaking. Being a Mediterranean woman she likely had pale olive skin. She was also tall and regal, possessing silken dark tresses (not blond as is commonly assumed) and had a slender figure with full hips. Her face was smooth, symmetrical and unblemished, though it was her playful hazel eyes and her knowing smile that truly captivated people. Helen was proud and intimidating, yet at times was compassionate as well. To get a true sense of her beauty, think of a young Elizabeth Taylor mixed with a heady dose of Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie.
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What is the resolution of Helen of troy?

Troy falls, Helen returned to Sparta and lived for a time with Menelaus, where she was encountered by Telemachus in The Odyssey. According to another version, used by Euripi

Was Helen of troy in love with Paris of troy?

The Iliad says yes. It should be noted, however, that the only reason that she did is because Aphrodite forced her to. She was the promised gift for Paris awarding the Golden

Was Helen of Troy real?

Yes! she was a greek godesses and, was daughter of Zeus and Leda and was wife of King Menelaue. Her sibling were Castor, Polydeuces, and Clytemnestra.

How did Paris meet Helen of Troy?

When Paris heard about Helen, he decided to go to see her. Then they fell in love, and Paris stole Helen. When Menelaus heard about it, he collected all of Helen's lovers, and

Who abducted Helen and took her to Troy?

Prince Paris fell in love with Helen, abducted her, and took her to Troy. It should be noted that she was married to Menelaus. The story is told beautifully in the Iliad. Ther

Was Helen the queen of Troy?

No, the Queen of Troy was Hecuba or Hecabe. Helen was Queen of Sparta through her mother Leda who was Queen of Sparta before her.

What did Helen Keller look like?

HELEN ADAMS KELLER was born with blue eyes and blonde hair. She was  very pretty even after she went blind and deaf and mute from  something called Acute Congestion of the S

Why was Helen called Helen of Troy?

She was queen of Sparta, but taken to Troy by the Trojan Prince Paris.

What did Helen of Troy do?

Helen of Troy is known as "The face that launched a thousand ships," which is referring to her being kidnapped, thus starting the Trojan war. Truly, she didn't really do anyth

What is Helen of troy famous for?

The abduction of Helen of Sparta by Paris of Troy sparked the 10 year long Trojan War, a war fought between the Greeks and the Trojans that involved the heroes Achilles, Ajax,

How did Helen of Troy die?

    There are very few sources that mention the death of Helen. Click the link below, and you will find two authors who tell about this.   According to the one Zeus