What did Hitler do with undesirables?

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He killed most of them.
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What groups of people did Hitler consider undesirables?

I believe if I remember my history correctly that Hitler disliked anyone who was not blond haired and blue eyed, ie... Jewish, Polish. etc. ____ Undesirable, in Hitler'

Who were the undesirables in the Holocaust?

The undesirables were the Jews in the Holocaust who Hitler classified as subhuman and he wanted them to be destroyed this is when Eugenics came into play to exterminate the ra

What year did Hitler decide to kill all Jews and undesirables held in Nazi-controlled Europe?

Answer 1 1933-1941 There was no single decision but a series of decision taken from1939-1941, starting with incurables (1939) and culminating in theFinal Solution (adopted i

Why did Hitler want the undesirables eliminated?

Hitler wanted the "undesirables" excluded from German society, they had to be eliminated because once they had been excluded they had no way of feeding themselves, as their pr

When did Hitler decide to kill Jews and undesirables?

One part is easy to answer, the other undesirables never had a death sentence handed to them and most of those imprisoned survived. The decision to kill the Jews is harder

What year did Hitler decide to kill all the Jews and undesirables held in Nazi controlled in Europe?

It is generally considered that Hitler decided sometime between thesummer of 1941 and the summer of 1942, but as he never wrote itdown, it is hard to say with total conviction