What did Mormons experience as they traveled from the Midwest to the Salt Lake Basin?

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They experienced lots of hardship but, were usually more fortunenate than others. Some at least were more lucky! They were blessed because they followed the lord and did what he asked even when is was really hard.
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What was the Mormon trip to Salt Lake City?

The Mormons were settled in Nauvoo, Illinois on the banks of the Mississippi river. They were then forced to leave in 1846, essentially the then United States and travel to wh

When did the Mormons leave for Salt Lake City?

In the winter of 1845-1846, the saints began their preparation to migrate to the West in search of a "New Zion." In the Spring of 1846, they began their large migration and ar

What Mormon lead followers to salt lake?

Brigham Young lead the majority of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" church) to Utah after the murder of Joseph Smith.

1850 travel by Mormons to Salt Lake City?

While the first groups of Mormon Pioneers arrived in Salt Lake City, other groups continued to arrive for well over half a century. Groups arriving in 1850 are: Lorenzo Dow Y

Why did the Mormons migrate to the Salt lake region?

The Mormon pioneers migrated to the Salt Lake region because they had been kicked out of every other place they had lived (Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois). The US government ref

When did the Mormons reach the great salt basin?

The first groups of Mormon pioneers arrived in the Great Salt Lake Basin in late July of 1847. Groups continued to come until about 1910, when new converts were encouraged to

What successes did the Mormons have at Salt Lake?

When the Mormon Pioneers migrated to Salt Lake City Utah, Brigham Young, the prophet received a revelation from God that he should construct a temple there...the Salt Lake Tem

What was the experience of the Mormons as they traveled from the Midwest and into the salt lake basin?

The Mormons were treated harshly. They were attacked by mobs, had little food or money. They attempt to stay in a few places on the trail and were driven out by the people AND
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How was the Mormons journey to salt lake valley?

While it depends on the season and mode of travel, it was difficult and dangerous for everyone. There were very few trading posts, and in many places the trail was so over-use
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Why Mormons moved to Salt Lake City?

The Mormons moved to what is now Utah because they had been kicked out of New York, Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois due to their religious beliefs. In each of these places they f