What did Woodrow Wilson think would happen to America after the war?

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In Wilson's fourteen points he rallied for the need of a League of Nations and felt that without the nation being a part of this league, war would be inevitable in the nation's future. Ultimately, the League of Nations was formed but without the United States.

Why did Woodrow Wilson go to war?

at first he was reluctant to go to war, and one of his campaign slogans was "he kept us out of war" but he was beginning to feel pressure and he felt not going to war would ca

How did was Woodrow Wilson a help to America?

(Here are a few things..) Woodrow Wilson gave the speech about the Fourteen points, which were suggestions to spread world peace. From this the League Of Nations was formed. T

Was Woodrow Wilson a war hero?

Woodrow Wilson was the 28th president of the United States. Heserved two terms during World War One and is often hailed as a herofor helping to end the war.

Did Woodrow Wilson serve in war?

Yes he did, But later after war, he was injured. Some people think that it was the surprise attacks in the war that made him jumpy for months later.

How did Woodrow Wilson feel about the war?

Woodrow Wilson at first was hesitant about the war but and after it ended Wilson made the 14 points which made sure that another war would break out for the same reasons. the